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max camman says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this

Haashim Usman says:

lmfao it would Never be like that in uk

Goshous says:


lenalovemarie says:

They having fun on that train lol

KessaVerena says:

at 1:34 the woman’s face next to the pole dancer… LOL!

TheArtOfToday says:

Lmao this guy was deff on lsd

tyvalence123 says:

SIKE!!!!!!!!!!!:P BASTARDS!

tyvalence123 says:

I like the dancing but….why the heels?!?!?!? LMAO

Sarah Atkin says:

Jk I would run

Sarah Atkin says:

Let me on dat!!

ciamensagens says:

Ki doido ! Esses Americanos são muito bobos !

samboleh says:


Ai Shah says:


noobie bob says:

i love the L train

kayla galarzaa says:

Haha there all like dafuq

Neveah Johannesburg says:

I’d be stealing everyone’s shit if I was the dancer for fucking up my routine. they wouldn’t even notice.

tin77garcia says:


dareolowofela1979 says:

Looks retarded. This dude got on his heels on the train wtf

Azealia Banks says:


KingPayne2011 says:

Looks planned to me, but you care a little too much. The video was funny. Leave it at that.

iTheGeek says:

Stop suppressing your homosexuality. We all know that you’re gay. Just face it and stop acting like you’re against it.

crazychildruns says:


YouAreSpotOnWithThat says:

Very upsetting !

RivieraFreak says:

Only. In. America.



thomasthetans says:

When I see this I just ask myself “What the hell happened to this city?” -_-

SHoMiiKy says:

Steven Retchless!! Love Thiz Guy!<3

FunnyJoshVideoz says:

the L r and Q

idratherbeanonymous says:

So fucking true.

Wawa M says:

Shit like this happends on the L train all the time

bella95117 says:


eazy970 says:

You need some more work

SaturnEternity says:

That one black lady is like “Crazy while folks, doing their crazy ass white sheit”

Glen Haslerud says:

Never a dull moment on the subway. I love NYC

Lanfear Justice says:

My 2nd point that I didn’t quite get to before being that some1 asserted that it was all just for attention. The whole video is less that 2 minutes long I doubt there was that much attention to be reaped from 2 minutes of one’s life. Steven if you care to do a little research has been passionate about dance since he was 8 perhaps he was just doing what’s natural to him & others got caught up in his good cheer. I happen to think life would be infinitely better with a little passion & celebration

Lanfear Justice says:

Got caught up reading some stupid debate on here & I have to make a couple points. 1) Some1 said ‘this is obviously planned cause of the half naked guy in heels & had a profession camera’ That proves nothing really -this- dancer works in NY as Pole Instructor its just as likely he was heading to/from work. As for the camera search ‘Steven Retchless’ he films most of hid dancing, I’m not shocked that had a camera w/ him. In short just cause he was there w/ a camera doesn’t prove it was planned.

Brook Zimmatore says:

Wearing stilettos?

Morenanegra DPR says:

is not the same thing, at all, lol

paclos29 says:


Xavier Loquesea says:

Awesome body.

Rach84 says:

He was on America’s Got Talent and made it very far!

notatinklefan says:

This was all for a epic dance video on girlwalkallday . com/watch-the-film (part 7)!

drakeltheryuujin says:

That’s what I was thinking. A little less glitter, but that looks like him.

Sep1086 says:

New York City

luksbro says:

que porra é essa?

Shethinkstoomuch1 says:


Melina Perez says:

This is a funny I love how everyone starts dancing at the end hahaha. I sometimes pole dance in public to… On stop signs.

G Bebout says:

He’s a brave guy.

hottramp says:

Love how nobody looks except via their cell phones! Also loved the shoes ;)

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