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Khaliji Bedroom Dance Arab Dance.


Dina Giuduce says:

you are butthurt and mad!!!!

Dina Giuduce says:

you call people names all the time you butthurt and mad bitch!!!!

Dina Giuduce says:

you badmouth lots of people you fuckin hypocrite……….is this comment a joke??? you are butthurt and mad!!!!

Nee Alkaabi says:

fuck iran this not arabs muslims dont do this

just the fucker bitches who do this fucker thing and he not from arabs

sosaveurbreath says:

oh yea and khaleeji dance is very sensual…so even though this isnt an example of khaleeji dance…khaleeji dance is still sensual

sosaveurbreath says:

you live in america and yous till dont know that a bitch means an agressive female? the term you are looking for is slut! you dumb bitch
and ur a muslim female looking up these videos? ur jealous because ur man would want her and not ur boring ass, stick to watching ur boring vids
and oh yea,in Islam..its a sin to badmouth a woman! muslims are suppossed to be respectful and not talk bad abut people! and ur a woman attacking a woman? how pathetic..u were raised wrong

sosaveurbreath says:

stop talking about your mom like that
wow, what guy calls a woman a slut and bad words..ur a fucken faggot

Eqraa Dubad says:

that is not dance khaliji. that’s is been bitch. so please take a lesson how to dance.

hachimiful says:

Fucking Hot !!!

Abdellah Naqir says:


Lempicka Sal says:

horrible, primitive cheap slut

Tittie squeeza says:

Fucking bitch;you disrespect your people
i wont lie though sh’s seductive but cheap…you gave me a boner damned bitch….

Heymen02 says:

mmm… (pensativo)

Mr3z00000z says:

مافي رقص ينافس هالرقص على اليو تيوب كله

moodi1500 says:

نفسي  اجيب القطله وابعـــصها .. وجعـــآآآه

د فيليسسكو says:

وش جو اللي كاتب على المقطع كتابات ،، الله يلعن ام التخلف

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