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Looking to start Salsa dancing? In this free dance lesson, learn how to do cross body leads as salsa steps with professional salsa dancers. Expert: Eddie San…


TomBrooklyn says:

Pretty clear, how about doing another video to show it on1? And if you do, please break it down more slowly. Sure, people who already know the step don’t need it broken down more slowly; but they’re not the ones that need to learn it.

shearenergy says:

count the foot work
what ever
hey if she is smiling thats all that matters
ja ja jaaaa

vegatu says:

very dificult !!!!!

Kelvin702 says:

He’s dancing on 2 salsa, new york style. Most people dance on 1 here on the west coast.

In terms of steps he doesnt need to be too detailed, its a pretty simple figure.

Paul Smith says:

excelente lección, lo único que no entiendo es porque los hispanos escriben en inglés, algún psicólogo podría explicarlo?

caffeine1 says:


elacomedido says:

wow sexy and pretty woman

caffeine1 says:

You’re too harsh, but maybe this is your own inexperience in salsa dancing.

First off, his style is On2 with the leader stepping back with left on 1. He does lose his count towards the end of the video, and steps forward with right on 1, but you can tell this is a simple mistake in his counting.

Second, he DOES break down the footwork. That’s exactly how you teach salsa. What the heck more do you want for a short video clip? Sheesh… some people!

shapunky says:

this guy doesn’t know what he’s doing

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