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Learn how to pole dance for beginners Sword Spin Video presented by Yungie, Pole Dance Instructor from Brynes Image Dance studio http:/…


max camman says:

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Kimmi Clark says:

You have great upper body strength!!

AngellMalak says:

That was amazing.. Looks more like an enjoyable sport to me than what it really seems generally. Nice job 🙂

Cleo beeton says:

almost got it! <3 thnx for sharing, I hate doing static pole things i learned on a spinning one tho,its always harder for me!

hairbeautytan2011 says:

Wow!!!!! You look like a doll in a jewelry box lol just spinning round so easy! I’m starting soon n can’t wait

silver frog says:

This is conditioning. Don’t you know the is like a stripper? I can’t believe you are that naive.

Inu Blagojevich says:

i did too and i relized i was scard mabe your are too? sorry spelling.

Inu Blagojevich says:

what do you mean?

Maya Howell says:

I didnt learn anything….=.= She was lovely Yes, but im still a beginner…
i love the fitness in the this though its lovely

silver frog says:

Trained monkeys.

im4enrique says:

Tried this on a static pole and it was not easy!

ChocolateLEO1 says:

yes you can do this on a static pole.

Sarah Paul says:

You can do this on static!

Rikke Pabst says:

You can do this on a static pole too? 🙂

SJHarris513 says:

you should mention that your using a spinning pole!

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