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Basic Spins for the beginner pole dancer! And just an FYI, I am no way a professional. I just enjoy pole dancing for fun and want to share what I have learne…


JD NM says:

xo xo xo the tips thanks for posting :0)

Patricia Gibbs says:

awesome job you helped me alot with beginner stuff ,thanks 🙂

ScorpioGoddess1988 says:

Great job! I learned a few things from you. I have almost perfected these moves and you helped so thank you !!!! Also are you not supposed to go all the way down on the canon ball ? Cuz Im having issues with how land that one….

ScorpioGoddess1988 says:

Great job! I learned a few things from you. I have almost perfected these moves and you helped so thank you !!!!


Good job hun! Thanx!!

megallgurl says:

they range from low 100s to high 400s but if youre willing to do a little digging i would go on ebay. you can find them for almost half the price.

minnieclips says:

What if you have medium size hands I don’t think my hands are small

Chanelle Duncan-Kuvarji says:

Sure You can. Im Inspired to become one thru a Girlfriend. We were into hip hop, and when she said pole dancing was her thing, I was like dam, Im gonna give that ago. Just need imaginantion, determination, and Flair …

Maranda Carver says:

Do u need to wear like panie hoes or sutten?

Angelica Wasson says:

Thank you! This was so helpful!

sweetpittdreamz says:

love ur demos!! have a friend just startin out an will show her this!!

pensiveproverbs says:


misskeyia25 says:

I’m having difficulty with the chair and pulling myself up what should I do to conquer it??

Ryoko Sakura says:

It’s really painful when you first start but your body gets used to it! I don’t know about your legs but I reccomend using climbing chalk to make your hands smoother against the pole.

Ryoko Sakura says:

Thanks 😀 I’ve just started and this was simple and helpful. x

monica owens says:

I wanna know where I can get lessons 4 the ploe

alyseya100 says:

i want to start doing this how much is a pole

michelle gordon says:

Ok I’m this thick in I just got a pole yesterday and my legs burns and hands is it something to help with that?

Harriet Johnson says:

id say you do need stong upper body strength n core strength but you build on it the longer you pole dance and the more you practice i started off not very strong at all but really building on it now n only been dancing a few months

TheGigiChannel says:

Portable pole.

lolathecontrolla says:

i like how u break and down and explain the little things that make each trick easier thanks for the helpful tips

Amelia G says:

Are you using a portable or fixed pole?

Teeny721 says:

Thank u so much now im going to beat my friend at a pole-off and does the pole have to be a certin with or like big ness

Christian Black says:

very good instructor

christina Jacobs says:

thanks for the video way easier to get the moves down i want to get into dancing for a little while just not sure how to go about it if you could help me out with some advice that would be great.

shalompeace angel says:

you are realy good ittught be so much

JaeAndNayMichelle says:

i luv watching ur videoz bcuz u actually explain full out how to do dha moves im a begginer pole dancer nd u have really helpedc me wit alot of my moves… givin u yo propz.!

Shayla Yopp says:

does a person need to have storng upper body strength inorder to do this?

mzthickemz85 says:

how long did pole burn last for you??? I just started 2 weeks ago and it still burns pretty bad

TheGigiChannel says:


TheGigiChannel says:

It depends on if you have really small hands or not. Small hands, get a smaller pole

baddzoe92 says:

very helpful video,thanks for posting !!

Vivica Rose says:

i wanna be a pole dancer i have no training in dance, do you think i can do it? reply thanks

herstuff123 says:

What’s good I just bought me a X Pole um do you recommend a 45 or 40

indayahmps says:

bakit ako paH..!!?

looselywired says:

I have only just started classes in Londons WestEnd & have just got a pole at home. This is the best fitness I have ever tried! Your instructional video was brilliant, I learnt so much, so quick! Thankyou 🙂

MioMio17402 says:

i want to buy a pole, but i want to invest in a good one. i also want a spinning pole. what pole should i get? is there a certain brand? im also worried about slipping and sliding with oils XD

Monica Arlene says:

Good job girl this video very helpful :)) beautiful

Alicia Barrett says:

Gosh girl you can MOOOOOOOVE

Marica Harris says:

I started my pole series today & I’m looking for more detailed instructions u broke it down well

blueydleprechaun says:

You are awesome at explaining things!


This video helped alot, Thank u 🙂

petrichoramour says:

This was a great video, I just got my first pole and this was so helpful! Please keep making videos.

sestulka says:

hello! i have also the same problem as you, asked my instructor and she suggested me to buy a gummy ring, you can get it wherever, its called maxi grip or so and lookes like a donut, costs about 5,5 euro=5bucks. its made in, i guess few colors, maybe the colors differ according to how tough is to squeez that rubber…hope you know what i mean, for me its now easier to dance on the pole so i hope you will feel the difference as well!!!wish you good luck and write me back if it helped…:)))

mrsrocroyal50 says:

Love fo tha thick girls #swagg

Jessica Rojas says:

this be helping me!!!

dhamisses2013 says:

ok this was a big help b/c i have an audition soon

denise sandra says:

good video**

yourbunnygirl says:

this lesson really helped me im so excited i know how to do something different on my new pole.

dkny400 says:

She’s so sweet and cute! 😉

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