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The video is to help a beginner pole dancer with climbs and moves to do in the air on the pole. And just an FYI, I am no way a professional. I just enjoy pol…


JD NM says:

Thanks for the great and easy tips! This was very informative and I may be going to a studio pretty soon to learn…seems fun and great exercise too!

Cheyenne Hazard says:

… is there something wrong with having shoes worn by exotic dancers? Shoes are shoes and saying that makes it seem like you think exotic dancers are to be ashamed of…

bbnnaa222 says:

Ur good. Man it looks hard to do tho lol

pensiveproverbs says:

how do you develop upper body strength

Katy McDonald says:

your video is so amazing i am a dancer andi find your videos exstreamly helpful thank you.

randa M says:

u r so cute… thank you

bkIllinois says:

Oh man, you are awesome! Thanks so much for giving all us girls some instruction!!!!
I am really inspired to get in shape so I can do this for my hubby!!! I could just hug you!!!

bkIllinois says:

Oh man, you are awesome! Thanks so much for giving all us girls some instruction!!!!

123lexibunny says:

You are beautiful and awesome!!!

bulbasur1 says:

i think u have to have really strong legs to be able to grip it between your legs

Margarita Merced says:

Great tutorial jejejeje <3

MissSwaggaLovesYou says:

WOW REALLY? I can’t stand holy rollers! So now posting a video on a pole with CLOTHES ON, means you’re not a child of God? Sometimes people throwin the most shade (or condemnation) have the Biggest Trees! Love your vids & personality, I am subscribing!

Amy Hayden says:

hi gigi does pole dancing turn fat into muscle?? you look really fit!!

detroitdimples says:


Shontia Mccall says:

I’m not new to this but I do have girls who I train and they act like they don’t get it so I send
them to all video’s for the pole and have them show me what they learned when they come back. One student likes your video and they others I don’t know

BeautyOfPole says:

never oil or use any moisturizer before you do pole dancing, if you like use Dryhands for better grip its a great product

prettymsamber18 says:

So the xpole is stable? Do u have the ceiling mounts?

alessio2785 says:

I just got my x-pole sport yesterday and it’s perfect, except for the 3 hex screws around the adjuster- they poke out a bit- not good. For your hands, try liquid chalk; that should help block the glands a bit. Also, I wipe my pole with a bit of alcohol when it gets slippery.

Nicole Spain says:

Are you a dancer? im wanting to learn this 🙂

chicle8405 says:

I always wanted a woman who could do that…u single?

pensiveproverbs says:

is your pole 50mm

seeker2315 says:

Thicka than a snicka.

cashmeresunset09 says:

Wow! I’m pretty sure your videos are the best thing I’ve ever found on youtube! You just gave me motivation cuz what you’re doing is so COOL!

Sarah Smith says:

I feel like i’ve learn’t more from you than some of my actual instructors >.<

buranamoon says:

Do u have do’s & don’t’s for pole dancing? I called myself trying to look like the girls in the club and oiled myself up lol… That definitely didn’t work out well.

buranamoon says:

I am so happy u made this video and i found it lol… My boyfriend had fulfilled my dream of getting me a pole and i need to learn some moves. I will be using ur video to perfect my amateur stripper girl techniques lol. Thanks hun

Wendy Jerido says:

u should teach me in person

AmiRalene says:

Love your video. I don’t have a pole, just searching around for good beginner videos in case I buy one and yours was a lot better than most. Look at you go! You encourage me to not be ashamed to at least try.

Tina Ivy says:

I just purchased an x-pole sport, and its installed securely. I am just so nervous about putting my weight on it! We look to be the same size. Additionally I have sweaty hands and I having a hard time just gripping the pole which is keeping me from doing any moves. Help!!

Jessette Garza says:

awsome, you made it so simple thanks 🙂

luvsbuffgurls says:

wow you must really nice strong arms and abs too and legs! bet you cud beat a lot of girls arm wrestling too

Jayna Bayna says:

You’re so nice!! Thank you!

sedrikkah says:

Thanks for that really good

Anthony Dunn says:

My wife and I thinking about buying a foreplay pole. New name for the married people.LOL Real Talk… Peace, New Adventure and Love Dancing. 24years together:)blessing

TheGigiChannel says:

Thank you very much. And I use an X-Pole

Etsy Sales says:

I’ve been watching your videos and I just want to say you’re just beautiful in every way. You’re so down to earth. And and yourvideos are more explanatory than most PROFESSIONAL teachers who charge way too much for this stuff. I love watching and learning from you. What kind of pole is that? I want one but don’t know what to order.

sugalicious1 says:

Pole climbing is very easy without boots, you get lots of bruises tho, but its all worth it in the end..i think boots are cheating..i do pole purely for fitness, non of the boot or high heel stuff…you dont need it, you get better results without boots

DiamondRubyJewel says:


Crazy money kidz says:


Sydney Habbal says:

I started from the floor and was able to lift myself off the floor.. huge smile !!!!

Sydney Habbal says:

seriously you are awesome… i climbed my FIRST time!!!

Roshunda Hicks says:

Ms. G what type or name of the pole you are using?

Trilla Phillips says:

you an good teacher

Ярослава Чернопищенко says:

WOW… :)))) You are great! Carry on :))))

Rachelya Agnew says:

Sweetheart, you were SO patient!!! The moves were taught at a pace that made me get them all in my first try! Thank YOU 🙂

TheGigiChannel says:

Not at all. I actually encourage you to learn without boots first so you won’t cheat by gripping with boots 🙂

Customgirl123 says:

exactly, so your telling me as a beginner that i need to have boots to climb the pole?

TheGigiChannel says:

Boots are boots. I think they are nice. I love boots! And that paten leather grips the pole great! It’s like skin.

Emily Cooley-Young says:

I like how detailed u instruct. Thanks.

Jane Doe says:

The skin on my thighs hurt so much when trying to grip the pole, does that feeling go away with practice? Will I get used to it?

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