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Visit: ! , How to Give a Girl a Lap Dance Episode 1-2 Mr. Boston’s new webisode series: “Mr. Boston’s Symposium”: An uncensor…


jakester0852 says:

Daaaaa fuq?

abel martin delcampo says:

lmfao your hilarious (x

m austin says:

lmfao!!! ur underwear look wierd.

Shantiria Adams says:

Holy shxxt . I aint seen yu in a few years nhi . HEY Boston . lmfao.

Jay Patton says:

fuck this gay guy i can have way better sex than this lil porn

Live Man says:

elmer fudd?

Josh Frost says:

That was goddamn hilarious!

JunoMacguff2012 says:

My lady boner died.

Strange Kay says:

your fucking hilarious man 😛

Alex Serrano says:


KarryStyles says:

wow!!! nice v-line

Ayala Nathanael says:

……..I’m disappointed

c1dcruz says:

hahaha.. this is hilarious!!

mrbostonsymposium says:

You got that right buddy

bellaboo1800 says:

hahaha he is GHAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

BibzBeauty says:

That wasn’t Sally, that was Yuma first. Lmao, gott em mixed up! xD

thugjyi says:

the funniest part about this is that you are srsly trying to get the plastic dolls wet

losingmyself84 says:

The guy in the picture on the wall looks like Mike Holmes…

IsItEarthYet says:

Did I just watch this?

sexiibeast2012 says:

Doesn’t anyone wonder why he owns two naked blow up dolls?

PhoenixxGHLG says:


Eddie Torres says:

Dont get a boner yet you might poke her eye out

magaly munguia says:

What just happened ?

katiegenreau says:

You can tell that this wanker gets around… Actually I hope not!

SuperBirthdaygirl13 says:

thats sooooo stupid to wear that wtf r u thinking

SuperBirthdaygirl13 says:

omg this is soo haliarius

neji356 says:

lmaooo he had a boner!

Renaldo Bachan says:

n dat was 5 mins of my life i wud neva get back lmao

SUAVE209 says:

Lol a wap dance

MrPicklejuice17 says:


tralaladingdong33 says:

Wow.. faill

kiera riddle says:

Why are you here?

kiera riddle says:


amwilson0501 says:

am i the only one who hears a bit of an elmer fudd accent? lol…especially at 3:09 “you could witterally poke a gurls eye out” hahaha

iiiheartBOTDF says:

This actually kinda helped……

JuvyScape says:


Mandana Dowlatshahi says:

Whatever the exact opposite orgasm is…that’s what I got.

martintuero says:

…hes a comedian.

MissDarbyJean says:

please keep your pants on. i’m 10.

themusiclover534 says:

what the hell is this nice g string

evalovesmusic1 says:

Hahahaha LMFAO

Khristle402 says:

hes from I love New York -___-

AadrianBrennen says:


95lilmj says:

is that a rotating dildo 0:34 lol

franklyn gaona says:

thanks man i totally got layed! .. NOT.

blizzaire08 says:

yeah guys, make sure to grab the lady’s neck and yank her face towards your crotch. guaranteed crowd pleaser.

heywatsup09adoralbe says:

okay well im a girl and i certainly would not enjoy that at all!! :

Mad Hatter says:

yeah learn how to to dance

weedrat3000 says:

lolololol…blow up dolls…#dead

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