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Close How To Dance Salsa. Hi Guys, we have just launched, a 49 module fast track salsa ONLINE Salsa Course where you …


Joe Leahy says:

I had to laugh when he said at the start ” we face the wall and you face the computer screen” 🙂

madhubalaification says:

the couple is perfect teacher for beginners with lots of patience and slow way of teaching .thanks Paul and Nina.

Ana Marta Carmona Almeida says:

best video on salsa first steps!! thanks!! 🙂


i’am so embarrassed , these couple can dance salsa better than me 🙁
and i was born In puerto rico.


This lasy has the best Ass i have see

Franck Yan says:

Hello, druken leader I think I’m sobering up. More wine please thank you. Hicks. Hick ups 🙂 hhh 1 hhh 2, hhh 1,2,3, hhh 5,6,7 oops that was your knee lady not mine he, he. I beg your pardon how dare you? Alright, alright, I said I’m sorry. It was my knee knocking. Hey, how come you turn on 1? How do you do that, shouldn’t you turn on 2? & there it. Begins…. on 1 or on 2 I turn on how I’d please thank you now let’s drink.

Franck Yan says:

Borracho Salsa LOL :-(0)

3amethyst1 says:

Actually 1 video I can follow, thank god!

Sozrash T'haghapsau says:

would’ve been easier to explain with a mirror on the wall 🙂
not to keep turning ur back 🙂

Alan Miles says:

By far the best online dance lessons I have received.. If you really want to learn dancing in an easy and entertaining way, I suggest you try:

budurl (.) com/idance

Alan Miles says:

By far the best online dance lessons I have received.. If you really want to learn dancing in an easy and entertaining way, I suggest you try:

budurl (.) com/idance

Alan Miles says:

By far the best online dance lessons I have received.. If you really want to learn dancing in an easy and entertaining way, I suggest you try:

budurl (.) com/idance

Oliver Heldt says:

I just trained with Susi (she is mexican and I am from Germany) with this vid. GREAT. Yeah – we took the bootle of wine and trained for an hour. Susi knows what to do and I am getting the idea … will properly dream about this vid tonight. Thanks guys - saludos from Mexico City !

esmeralda angelita bonanoni Bonanoni says:

I loved!!! you and nina are very good !!! lovelly

salsasquad says:

Hi Vouser, you are correct in what you say about the Salsa MUSICAL Rhythm being 4/4. However in Salsa DANCE you only take 3 steps in every 4 count, on beats 1,2 and 3, pausing on 4 then stepping on 5,6,7 and pausing on 8. Therefore we only count the beats on which steps are taken, thus 123, 567 count. You will notice that in the counting there is a pause on 4 and 8. 123pause567pause and repeat. Hope this helps.

vouser says:

Dear friends, the Salsa Rhythm is 4/4. This is how it sounds when you listen to any Salsa music. Check it out on wikipedia. So, when you dance, you have to count: 1234, 1234, 1234. You count 123567, it makes it 6/8. Something is wrong. If you dance to Salsa music, you’ll be out of rhythm. Could someone comment on this issue, please? Thanks.

Matejita says:

Hi Paul and Nina,
I am getting married in April with my Mexican boyfriend. As you know, Mexicans are really a dancing nation. Add to this the fact that I had a life time trauma , not being able to dance. Horrible.
I almost gave up the idea I would ever dance in my life, when my boyfriend found your videos and we learned your very beginner class, your second and third class and it is enough to join the dancers.
Thanks to you, we danced yesterday our first salsa!Thank you!!!!!

KECNYC says:

WELL DONE.  Simple, well-explained.

happybill222 says:

Yours is the simplest intro I’ve learned yet. Thank you.

arch sheron says:

weldone guys…i love to learn salsa…thanks for yr videoss…

TWxqGGyS says:

Now Paul & Nina are Great! This couple knows how to teach us beginners slowly. Their music is cool too, and they’re humorous. Thanks guys!

Jenny Armstrong says:

me and my bf got it!!! thank you

4c00h says:

LOL @ third leg

jordan cooper says:

i’d give it 10 stars if i could.
thanks a lot guys!!

Selinastrawberry says:

but doesnt salsa got 3 steps everything you do has to be 3 steps

TWxqGGyS says:

Great job Guys!

TWxqGGyS says:

I like this couple. They understand the difficulty of learning Salsa. Thanks for keeping things slow for us beginners!

vernemo says:

very easy. Muy fácil, muchas gracias.

Farimath says:


evilevanbkk says:

Thanks guys, nice intro video.

kornytza says:

.”..and now put your 3rd leg…”=))=))
anyway,great video,it’s really useful for the beginners

jeffmay2 says:

hey- great lesson! easy to follow- nice beak down of the moves. nice to put it to music at the end too.

scrumpilicious says:

great video! i just went to my very first salsa class today and this is really good for my salsa ‘tuition’ =pPp

Elizabeth Barrett says:

thank you very much!

ehypersonic says:

exelent video :D

Ednay26 says:

Soberbioooo!!! Al fin un video para pricipiantes, les felicito y saludos desde Puerto Rico.

utoplesss says:

I have seen many salsa classes on u-tube, this one is literally the most simple yet effective for beginners. you are definitly the best.

jonyze says:

this is wonderful, thank you for the lessons, I know how to dance but I also know I was doing something wrong, and thanks to the video I fixed it. great stuff.

malviya1802 says:

Wonderful video. I really learned basic salsa steps from this on. Great, keep posting all the salsa steps one by one.

anupriyaomravi says:

grt video!!ive learnt these basic steps!!thanks!!

CandyCrush123 says:

thank you thank you thank you!!
this is very simple and easy..
im still kinda bad..but ima keep it up.
im going to a quinceanera tomorrow.
and i dont wanna feel soo left out..
agh!! i should have had my mom just teach me..
im so stubborn LOL

salsasquad says:

If my memory serves me right its ‘Come and Get It’ by Ralph Robles off the album ‘Our Latin Thing 2’
Hope this helps

Stellan Jara says:

Very well explained, thank you.

sweetanimo says:

Great video - very easy to follow (even with the sound off!).
Thank you!

iesyout says:

This is fantastic!. The best first lesson!

annapollok says:

interesting way of counting: 1,2,3 and 5,6,7 . LOL

araujobasilio says:

It s very basic and it s good

Mariyam Shara says:


missthesteve says:

Thank you , thank you, i didn’t know it could be so simple.

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