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Christina Garrett says:

Some of these folks are clueless…Oona Kivela is the Pole Dancing Gymnast of the wooorld. She’s not a stripper, clowns. lol….she’s a gymnast/dancer. Best out there. Get culture.

max camman says:

There are a lot of sexy girls on landofcams . com that get naked FOR FREE, much better than this

Multi2G4u says:


mecatthedynasty says:


mecatthedynasty says:

Amazing!! I know they were having fun!

Jinx Jones says:

The girl in the green.

Multi2G4u says:

slut got talent lol

4sugahngigglez says:

the girl in green is like a damn spider monkey

yessica kattiee says:

Teach me!!!!

gracie lautner says:

the girl video taping has an annoing laugh

hedonismrocks says:

ow yeah bébé.. shake it like that

Rebecka Andersson says:

this isnt hot! this is impressive

MrSupun12345 says:

Shut the fuck up and enjoy what the woman are doing for us! Asshole!

luis reinaldo cardenas guerrero says:

hay 17 gays o mujeres envidiosas que no les gusta esto !!!!!!

myteetharebleeding says:

screaming screaming bullshit! but good dancers

johnsewell3 says:

rabiosa by Shakira

metallboy25 says:

song name ? 😀

cali95122 says:

Yea I love Dem Strippers!!!

jsh1103 says:

Not every woman that dances on a pole is a stripper, I have plenty of female friends that do it and they are not strippers at all. They do it as a test of strength, and control over their body and it is a actual challenge for them to be able to control their body as such like the 2 do in this video.

Bob Rodriguez says:


Tj Stith says:

Anyone else hear Kitty from That 70’s Show.?

maddness619 says:

I don’t know whether to be impressed or smoke a cigarette!

kimo kaniki says:

Amazing ladies!!

RubyTheRagDoll says:

both these girls are drop dead gorgeous and amazing dancers!

chitown2bayarea says:

The hoe in green was the best

Heather Trenkle says:

5 bucks for both.

Senzu Bean says:

do u know because ur a stripper?

Grandmaisonsgurl says:

So many of you are disgusting and so close minded I actually expected to see some decent comments. This isn’t girls shaking their asses in the club getting dollar bills rained on them but people still going to be negative. Both girls were amazing. Showed amazing strength, flexibility, beauty and control. But that first move the second girl in green does takes the cake hands down.

Jonathan Schwetz says:

Stolen from original /watch?v=sDSSd49Znes – 720p excellent quality.

Thumbs up so more can see.

darksidelover21 says:

I came here cuz of rwj

KalidescopeKreations says:

the second chick had gymnastics training..quite obviously…she had no hips thoughs o it was kinda wierd.

lentejTV says:

got logs?

lentejTV says:

Big ups!

lentejTV says:

My dick? my dick is spinning rapidly yea

Ted Mosby says:

Typed this with my left hand..

21sweetbear says:

is this spinning or static pole?

Harold Concannon says:

I actually made some popcorn to eat and watch this. It was worth it.

BillCollecta4 says:

You both have very promising careers ahead of you!

chasingdownwind says:

sooooo hot!! 😀

anitafodor77 says:

So many jealous ppls!! How the fuck u can dislike this ?? This 2 is so talented !!! Dislikes obviously never tried pole dance yet , u would know how much freakin hard work it takes to do a performance like this !!! Love it !!! U girls rocked it !!!!

ktoad says:

Well, it WAS hot…until they revealed the names Oona & Grazzy.

RuDeCookie7 says:

she’s making it as sport and not for getting money like a bitch.

thes0mething says:

What’s wrong with pole dancing? It’s amazing excercise

RHIE35H says:

got wood?


q se hagan esa arriba de la tula

Ramon Montiel says:

To the fapcave.

DivineAeons says:


nabxf says:

boner achieved

miamisburg1985 says:

Rabiosa, i think so..

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