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Close Samba Diva is a significant post to reach within the Carnival comm…


King D says:


Julio Garzon says:

The # 5 is the best.


if only i knew her name… :’-(


why are they dancing with a bunch of old fat men anyway?


I think they all bad! especially #7

JaeSavagetv says:

#2 is Bad!!


lets take a trip…im ready! Lol

willtyler4 says:

The American culture is so perverted. This is art, and festivities for them. Culture, African culture.

willtyler4 says:

Yo, that’s real.

jason mandela says:

God mixed up earth and heavens when creating Brazil!




Listen to Party Like a Brazilian

silrruzor says:

Beautiful girls, ugly men!!!

Henry Kukz says:

This group will be performing in the solomon Islands very soon….it would be great to watch my country.

xMPCxx says:

Number 7 & 8…my lord

Discomatoran says:

What’s with the fat black guys walking them down the walk? Why don’t they walk each other? that would be hotter

TheSilatiger says:

congrats to brazils womens sevens team making world cup moscow,shows they can do more than look pretty

belavistario says:

that is true for twisted minds…

faqu529 says:

Lovely women

Neil Adams says:

Que corpos mas formosos, 07 e 08 se vêem divinas.

Que corps mais beaux ils se voient divines spécialement la 07 et la 08.

Darrell Rose says:

Les derrieres des Brasiliennes est la plus mieux du monde!

Ahr Cee says:

Way too many Boogs!

Tsunamirush says:

I freakn love brazilian women

propheci says:

That’s okay, I enjoyed the part I saw. I’ve noticed some of the same dancers in many of your videos. Is that Leticia Guimaraes dancing solo at the end? I would have been happy to have been her partner 🙂

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Tks for stopping by and if possible see some of our new videos:)

bonntv says:

muito obrigado

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Hello my friend from Colone…coincidence or not the name of this song is ” Valsa de uma Cidade”, ( “Valtz of a city” ) by Caetano Veloso: Below part of the lyrics:

Vento do mar no meu rosto
E o sol a brilhar, brilhar
Calçada cheia de gente
A passar e a me ver passar
Rio de janeiro, gosto de você
Gosto de quem gosta
Deste céu, desse mar,
Dessa gente feliz
Bem que eu quis escrever
Um poema de amor e o amor
Estava em tudo que eu quis
Em tudo quanto eu amei
E no poema que eu fiz

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Hello propheci, I arrived late on the presentation…yeah I know 🙁 I also felt kind of sad I couldnt shoot the entire 1rst part..)

bonntv says:

Olá para o Rio de Janeiro, Brasil, você pode me dizer o artista e título da música. Muito obrigado de Colônia

propheci says:

Those men are so lucky!!! I wish you could upload the whole video….

martymar9311 says:

WOW!!!!!!!! BRAZIL!!!!!!

blackpirates7 says:

very nice!!!

Kay Lee says:

I do not believe all of them have implants at all. and yes lol…it is in our dna to want to improve something. trust me after i have this baby, baby number 4 i will see if my body goes back to passista status after working out and eating healthy, i will get something done if i need to. I love all the dancers natural or enhanced. as i said before those smiles and radiant skin…linda!!!

Sucko Gee says:


Kay Lee says:

Oh i believe it! i work out 6 days a week and people swear that i must have had some type of surgery I just work out and follow a good diet and dance samba every single day for 2 hours :)

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

The greatest example, is number 4, the Evelyn who actually won: NO BREAST IMPLANT and she was crowned the 2013 Rio Carnival Queen.

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

There you go.:) Like I said, just similar to many Americas famous “pageant contest”, many mysterious are involved here…One thing is sure: they all go to gym. I see this because I go to gym with 2 of the famous ones…Some, not all, work our 6 ( yes, 6 !!) days a week. I´d say almost 90% do lymphatic drainage…That is very common within samba dancers/ passistas…And of course they do take care of their skin with certified dermatologists…

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

women always have this in their DNA I think…I am a man so cant know…rss…but they always tell me they “want to improve something”…rss

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

I see, but it is not factual that all have implants…Trust me…I know many of them. Some ( 60 % ) have some kind of implant, but some dont. Many even use this prize to have financial access to have an implant!! So, as a finish line, I agree that ” it doesn’t take away from their gorgeous skin and amazing smiles”, but above all, their determination and force of will. Lets remember that 70% of these girls live in communities, whom they are their “stars”…

blackbolt75 says:

I never understood the need for implants. Natural is beautiful.

Kay Lee says:

but then again….they may be natural people think i have breast implants and a fake butt all the time and I don’t….

Kay Lee says:

my husband and I both watched this in awe! They are gorgeous he just wishes they didnt have the implants or butt fillers. However, it doesn’t take away from their gorgeous skin and amazing smiles.

Kay Lee says:

Yes, I also do not understand the need to fill the body with foreign objects. but they are still beautiful!

bankruptish says:

Wow the shapes of the girls are getting more outrageous each year… …Hopefully they won,t introduce steroid or silicone tests……….!!

blackbolt75 says:

OH MY…….

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