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The song is in the description, the download is available if you go to the video this is a response to! I might add it’s hard to extend in that room..but I t…


Creiddylad says:


AbatyshE says:

there really is everything on the internet

Мария Самсонова says:


denverp73 says:

This was all around amazing!!

pipocaaa says:

So that’s what they do at Slytherin’s dungeons….

Kallekallacka says:

Never gets old!

Tena Beslagic says:

but i think he’s capable of appreciating this fine piece of pole dance :))

destroyeverything86 says:

Umm what’s the spell to hide a hard-on?

AlyssaBenjamin4444 says:

You’re badass. I LOVE it!

Tiffany Leclerc says:

Waaaw :! *_* I love I love !! 

axwelable says:

I don’t even…

G Bear says:

Since when is she a Slytherin?

Demonicfox2000 says:

“I’m old greg!”

Flávio Souza says:


Joe Fyffe says:


zogh says:

nice moves, and good song until the dub step ruined it

Jason Culp says:


yellowvespa04 says:


AKAJACE1337 says:

i wanna be inside you

msweet739 says:


RodLu13 says:

So Magically-Beautiful……. >;)

Tommy2009ful says:

good ass

sukuarolove says:


sukuarolove says:


DestroyAllRednecks says:


ArchArturo says:

wub wub wub wub wub wub wub 

maria isabella says:

lets be honest we’d all like to see hermione do this

Igotintroubleforthis says:

Meanwhile in the Slytherin Common room…

mumbrle says:

10 points to Gryffindor

infiltrat1 says:

Best video i have seen, Very beautiful woman.
Very Talented, Very sexy.
Nice voice too (at the end of video).
120 points for you.

Maeiko says:

Someone is seriously Slytherin! This is amazing!

Jordan Fletcher says:

Seriously cool! I am studying tv and film and i also do pole, so finding your channel was a goldmine!! I laughed so hard at the end when you said “i’m old Greggg!” I was waiting for “…. I’ve got a mangina-gina-gina” haha!

richelmo666 says:

what song is that??

RPGMayHem says:

Freakin’… awesome.

missreaderful says:

And? Im pretty sure even those dance moves would turn the biggest gay.

Breezy7629 says:

I love it!!! Harry Potter + Pole Dance = Perfect!

shishkabob259 says:

Sweet baby Jesus that hot

Simphany says:

it’s awesome that we have stuff like this

fishiefrankie says:

Leaked from Harry’s phone. : o

Icarus3 says:

Eh, so am I, and I still LOVE this video 🙂

Lallushe says:

sweet Jesus !

Wushu Maya says:

I like it!!!! good

MensRoomMagazine says:

All kinds of hot. 10 points for Hogwarts

María Badillo Aceboizor says:

I envy your physical strength. This is absolutely superb. And go Slytherin!

diaryofanearthling says:

Amazing strength WOAH and the music is awesome. You’re doing so much to break the stereotypes :D

Nickles Sinth says:

That physical strength

XIChildCustoms says:

You are just ridiculously hot. I got here totally by accident, but thank God for mix-ups. Excellent creative video, you’re very talented.

Fangsinurface says:


Jordan Smith says:


Jordan Smith says:

Deep as hell bass…..AWSAME

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