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Harlem Shake (meme) – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia – Traduzir esta página The Harlem Shake is an Internet meme …


SamRomantixLife says:


Blobslime29 says:

I just jacked off ‘literally’

Slade Krawcheck says:

Who is the girl with the lions head?

Sam10947 says:

i was smiling the whole time….

420forrestree says:

not that I’m complaining but why are they all asians?>

Aron D says:

O my god i go cumming

noahv82 says:

Damn sexy

Ahmad Zaki Yamani says:

owh my god?

Masterbadd says:

@@”Damn! These sexy bitches are fuckin HOOOT!! >_<

habbo leras says:


rpl362 says:


Gage Lundquist says:


Gloria Navarro says:

the first one was wobolly’

Christian Bravo says:

2:11 that has to be the worst one thumbs up if you agree

Jose Antonio Chacón says:

this is like a dream come true

halil özdemir says:


Mistico Mis says:

swagkillertp says:

Boobs boobs boobs I love and suck

swagkillertp says:

Wow awesome

Christian Bravo says:

im so fucking horny

marilumoni27 says:

Hasquerosoooooo uuuuu vomito uuuuu

MegaCmpunkgts says:

0;16 and 0: 24 nipples

piroca cetamol says:


piroca cetamol says:

kkk muito bom

Setya van java says:

double WoWWW…… :*

marlenecruz89 says:

Damn show them tits

Len Kagamine says:

0:16 girl in underware I saw her nipples! XD

Vendetta760 says:

2:50 …. Thanks a lot now I’m Horny as fuck!!!

TheDudezer says:

I would bang the hell out of that skinny asian chick with the lion head/boy hat on. OMG

swagkillertp says:


Byron10301 says:

lol @ description …. failed attempt at making a viral video – not gonna happen 

TheBigBossUncharted says:

0:13 <3

caio cesar says:

queria tar ai no meio

Blander Henrique says:


Yourmama6234 says:


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