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luiscastro1020510 says:

Awesome bitches

nidhalcheriet says:

39 poeple hate that guy ….lol

itachilord100 says:

At the end she had to search for it

sergio cervantes says:

where i contact those girls pls?!

kgalg says:

shut up gay and let me fap

hasan çöl says:

dont luck money moneyyyy

Jose Minano says:

Lucky guy

Khady Sakho says:

Tats so fuckin nasty like u people need to get a life

keshawnmartin30 says:

Text 5135519882 im a lesbian

tylon cooper says:

make another video

Iliketogetdown321 says:

Dang i need thm to come to my house

tekus89 says:

Who are these women?

pmrowan23 says:

Get them and their friends to do harlrem shake.

BreakDawn0165 says:

Not my proudest jack-offf….

err puto says:

I’m jelly now

tony strickland says:

I want tht to be me

pure891009 says:

okey.. jealous..

ChrisRedmanMVP says:

why did this happen? and not to me?

David Key says:

Me next

amariporter01 says:

I wish that was me

RocketSkater224 says:


milyrenzu says:

lucky bastard..

OFWGKTAz says:

that nigga gay tho

kjeezy567 says:

1:13 ah your hurting me,!! lol

weaselxx says:


kyrabailey55 says:

Its ok

Sabrina Faith says:

This Iss NOT A Lap Dance ..

Carlos Espinoza says:

1:07 that must’ve felt good.

Carlos Espinoza says:

I wish it was me

Nathan Torres says:

They fucked after

Jay Brick says:

damn i wish it was me

Kiko Beatzz says:

They’re listening to the clean version of the song!
I made the clean version and uploaded it to youtube and now they’re listening to my version! I feel amazing

Alex Fontes says:

Best grinding lap dance I’ve seen here!

Craig Mill says:

luckiest man in the world….

ahmadfralh says:

a perfect video

ryan123583 says:

When you do that dance, I imagine you pushing that ass up against my cock, is that bad?

Rick Torres says:


bekoboy dikke says:

You should make more of those videos

clock655321 says:

Wake up Fernie!!! Pussy is were its at, dont tell me you rather have a dick across the nose?

pandoman80 says:

The best morning radio show in El Paso and Juarez

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