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holyrainbowballz says:

Stunning & Sexy ! 

Nakia Hines says:

Love it! Love it! She’s bad;-)

newave123456 says:

She is clearly the baddest BITCH in the game, hands DOWN!

Grenade Catcher says:

Me: Thank you penis
penis: anytime bro

Yukii KY says:

Amazing !

Sam Jarvis says:

some of those moves were phenomenal!

Karina Garcia says:

Diva, Atrevida me encanta.Coreografia unica. felicitaciones!!
_ De quien es el tema ue usaste.??

biasebastiana says:

Hey.. That´s one of my fav pole performances.

Jihaleh says:

I think that’s called concentration xD

Cherry Pj says:

sexy & strong ..Lov it ^^

minimena11 says:


biasebastiana says:

For some reason she looks kinda bored though.

as be says:


Bridgit D says:

That last move was AMAZING….Holy Hell!

All4u2bseen says:

Got tired of waiting.

Lisa V says:

When I see this girl dance I feel inspired to embrace my body and take care of myself. She is amazing. She doesn’t need to strip she is beautiful and I am not in to girls but I got respect for someone who can wow anyone watching her perform.

Silveryback says:


TiffanyJeanArtist says:


xPredator357 says:

ha its still only youtube. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you check out this link bit.ly12Mlvr4

danielle schutz says:

so awesome! I wish I could do this!!!

amberkatlin says:

It defiantly looks like a great sport. and great for strengthening your body. 🙂 thank you.

christal weems says:

not a problem always willing to lend a helping hand and extend awareness about this amazing sport. it will give you a level of feeling you didnt think you had. and it will open doors you never thought were open. good luck and enjoy your journey

amberkatlin says:

thank you for giving me some tips. 🙂 I really appreciate it.

christal weems says:

i wasnt athletic but i was strong when i started there are a lot of girls that are practicing with me that arent athletic and are just starting and you will build that strength up. i started with pull ups and a few flexibility exorcises to help me. if you go to studio veena they have loads of strength and flexibility exercises. and there is even studios and gyms that do this. if you google search for pole fitness gyms. usually an instructor is the best way to go.

amberkatlin says:

to gradually get to this point of dancing, what would you suggest for someone who isn’t athletic in the first place? I just want some tips coming from someone who does this. 🙂

Feelafree says:

name song???

christal weems says:

you can learn ive been doing this for almost two years and cant get enough 🙂

Natasha Laniele says:

Tah de parabens

xilver3 says:

fat belly, meet pole fitness!

xilver3 says:

goshdamn those boots look sexy!

tyler windeler says:

she looks strangely like miley cyrus O.O

Letholbuti says:

Now she’s fing amazing

Ling Yao says:

she is incredible I wish I could do even ust half of that

isa botta says:

a sincronia os movimentos tudo ela é a melhor!!! essa garota é muito foda!!!

Celia Cheín says:

Impresionante esta mujer, me gusto todo, su estética, su interpretación, la combinación de figuras y la dificultad de las mismas, espero ver mucho más de está señorita

lost4mommy says:

I agree with amber….I watched another video by Felix cane and the pole routine es to “muse” and it reaches u to ur core. I love her.

Nakia Crawford says:

Very talented!

Amber Lewis says:

There is something about felix’s performances that reach you on a deep soul level, like she is telling a story with the creative expression in her body movements!

sara milkshake says:

5:04 – 5:10 now that would kill me right there

MarieSueMax says:

so jealous.i wish i could come close to this

Rocio Simon says:

Muchisimas gracias!!!

Maxharddrive64 says:

Should be an Olympic event

María Florencia Ibañez says:

Muse – Undisclosed Desires

María Florencia Ibañez says:

Muse – Undisclosed Desires

Rocio Simon says:

yo tambien quiero saber como se llama ese tema!

Gilson Rachel says:

What song is this?

howieloo says:

Amazing!! Pure strength and athleticism.. I believe that I am going to take up pole dancing so I can have abs like hers! 🙂 Very amazing to watch!!

ari17marie03 says:

yeh its ah man thats y his dick fell out … ?????? dum ass

BeautifulBeau says:

This shit should be in the Olympics!!

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