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Channing Tatum talked about his old job as a stripper today. He surprised Ellen when he returned to his roots and gave her a special dance! See this hilariou…


TumblrLuver says:

Hawt *drools*

Brishaun104 says:

An autobiography… or if you wish, a reenactment.

kamrynbell129 says:

get it channing

lanabooklover says:

If that dose not make you go back to likening men

MadonnaImperia says:

I love his accent.

xxlolly1 says:

So hot

Dessylyly says:

HAHAHAHA Ellen’s laugh is hilarious.

textbookgirl says:

man the women in the audience looked THIRSTY

AvengerGirl97 says:

“OH, you remind me of my nephew..”
Oh god, I died laughing

StrongWombynofWorld says:

Have you been a teacher ;-P

Arash Gharib says:

i just thought the same when she said he was a strip dancer! xD

FallOutKay says:

“Oh, you remind me of my nephew!”
Channing’s face… dafuq? uhhh… ok…

harliette says:

He must have confessed it before the vid was released.

EmoEnteFEATEmoFisch says:

I would go live in that strip club.

Ann Malik says:

Ooo I know Ellen like that….lap dance..lucky :/

Judy Leboeuf says:

God.. Paul Walker is a sexxyyy ass *-*

Brianna Leahy says:

nek minut Magic Mike

Jazmine Ollie says:

I love him and Paul Walker.

017pleasure says:

I thought this WAS on magic mike

Bruce Wayne says:

so many wet pussies in there.

MsMelissa820 says:

53 dislikes from jealous ppl.

Jaylyn FLORES says:

that was to short v.v

osamabad says:

Ellen getting a lap dance from a man is almost as funny as Richard Simmons getting one from a woman.

Emaleigh Marie says:

I almost shouted..”I have a.dollar!” hhahha

18creation says:

My vagina just screamed

Dana Martinez says:

So… Magic Mike is a Biography…

ArthropodSpidey says:

shallow women all around

djboybad says:

I love u channing

Seda Uruc says:

He is so hot!

mscdilly51 says:

LOL chicha349!!!

Natalia Meller says:

definitely too short dance…:)

chica349 says:

She turned straight for a few minutes there.

Audrey Mikaelson says:

His zipper…

mditzian says:

I wish I was ellen

bayona3001 says:

Meet me halfway-black eyed peas

Kim Kay says:

Whats the song called!?!?!!

jordan trammell says:

A sexy striper

TheCaptainMarvelDC says:

one of black eyed peas – meet me halfway

OmfgStfuIdgaf says:

Twerking on Ellen -.- .

Alex Beh says:

Can I know what song it was when he dance :#

Zsuzsi Fenyvesi says:

he’s so cute when he laughing!AND I LOVE HE’S HAIR!!!!!!

Zsuzsi Fenyvesi says:


Louise Kelly says:

man I love Channing Tatum!

LizJar521 says:

Black Eyed Peas- Meet Me Halfway

Kim Kay says:

Whats the song called plz answer!

Natasha Romanoff says:

Raawwrrrr… When Cougars attack!

pamela vera says:

como puedo hacer para ver los videos con subtitulos en español?

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