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The Hook-Up Hottie was a stripper, so Rover had her show off her lap dancing skills on Dumb.


Pleeeebz says:

What a basic ass bitch.

Damon Salvatore says:


dancingangle824 says:

It is funny

kingajturner says:

How did u get that mask and all tht stuff

Kevin Garcia says:


bubbatron032 says:

I wouldn’t have gave that skank a dollar either. She gave him a free lap dance.

Eric Todd says:

Rover sounds like such a perv when he says “He’s gotta be growin’ now!” Lmao

SINBrutal99 says:

Supposedly she the skank that fucked MGK, plus you call up the radio station and act desperate for a date and she try to hook you up with a girl.

hectorriospor says:

Who is the hottie?


Why didn’t Dieter get the lap dance? Maybe we would of seen some action. By the way, my RMG member name is Weaknwimpy.

mikescotthey says:

Dumb spent more time looking up at the tv than he did looking at that skank

Kevin orozco says:

she is a little fat to be giving a lap dance, but yet so is dumb!

Mogs01gt says:

his girlfriend will be pissed

1981BTHM says:

Wow that was hot…

cletusbojangles187 says:

so he got his dick rubbed, quit hatin

mikescotthey says:

Only thing that slut has going for her is that ass.

TheCorndog720 says:

Are the lights super bright in the studio or is she half asian? Prob just caught a contact high from touching dumb.

PurpleTofuEater says:

“Black and white stripes. What like leopard stripes?” What leopard has stripes? lol though I guess he isn’t focusing on what he is saying.

Tom B says:

alright dumb

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