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For Original Link Go To: This is not my video. Quote from, “We went to a restaurant that let dogs in. Here’s my d…


MikeCOYS18 says:

Watch to the end and decide. The dog stood up on its own.

Dave12371 says:


Jacob Bautista says:


Thanh Tran says:

Thank you

gxduffy says:

Poor animal. It is tiedup that is why it acts up like that. Not funny, that is animal cruelty.

gxduffy says:

El pobre animal esta amarrado y no se puede parar con sus cuatro patas, bestias los dueños porq no los amarran a ellos.

Micky Duta says:

Hahaha, so funny 🙂

David GT says:

Yes, the name of it is “Cógele El Gusto” and is sung by “Wayne Gorbea” here’s the link anyway. Greetings!

Chris Lawson says:

Dog stands on all 4 at the end idiots.

LASExySHAWty89 says:

& it’s not animal cruelty u dum fucks!!! Get a sense of humor ..

LASExySHAWty89 says:

Find it mad cute & funny 🙂

Everett Wilson says:

The dog stands on all fours at the end of the video.

TeeJae84 says:

The dog looks like it is being forced to stand like that, because the leash is too short. If it were to be on all fours, it’d choke itself…. am I wrong?

Khalil Imperati says:

That’s me

Sharon Jones says:


Anuja Deodhar says:


Jiyoung Kim says:


Giovanni Scandurra says:

il guinzaglio è corto il cane nn puo’ abbassarsi mettevo il proprietario del video con un guinzaglio cosi…povero cane !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! guardate bene prima di ridere !!!

ickah016 says:

SO CUTE!!!!!!!

InfluentKira says:

so many FUCKING problems with youtube glitches these days !!! for example, why does it only show how many views i made on this video ?!?!! damn youtube

Thanh Tran says:

is there anyone know the name of the song?

djmorales14 says:

Hes happy though, just look at him,

averyuresti says:

I think the leash was tied to a chair, and he had to walk closer to the chair to get on all fours, cuz the man leaned foward, and it showed how it was tied to a chair, so, quit it.

Suzette Mancillas says:

Aww cute

Phoenixcia Mauigoa says:


Yaaq1 says:


michelle marianne says:


grooveshaker1 says:


Giselle875 says:

I had to stop the Colbert report to watch this lol!

WreckedHim19 says:

Stfu, you misinformed tard.

Joe Gilles says:


Amanda Cruz says:

Maybe I’m wrong but if you look close someone is holding the leash tight then gives it a little slack so the dog can stand on all fours

wcushman says:

Then, why did the dog come down on all fours at the end of the video. There was enough leash for it to lie down if it had wanted. It is important in restaurants that the leash be short enough to keep the dog from crossing the aisle such that the leash trips people while snapping the dog’s neck. And, don’t tell me dogs do not belong in restaurants. That is just another freedom you Yanks have lost thanks to your litigious society.

angela dass says:


angela dass says:

u idiot this is animal cruelty stop it nowww. poor dog.

L.Dot. M. says:

Nice ..but? hanging the dog so it can’t sit might make it dance?

bddfm101 says:

That’s awesome and call and on

Isabel C Abreu says:

the dog can dance better than i can

dakidkossreturns says:

No it wasn’t the dog clear got on four legs at the end

Lyn Lyn Tang says:

The leash was too short

MrCryospark says:

0:50 seriously? …

Hx Ee says:

cgi.animatronix..motion-capture…Animal-cruelty baulm (let ur dog watch this, he may learn from the best?)
forced = fake
is this fake? i believe so
cuz if i had a dog he’d pawn this 1 in “dancin’wiz the dogs new realyti sho.
friggin weirdos, dancin’ babies, dancing dogs, wth is nxt uh? i don’t rly wanna knw
btw clap at ur own sense of commitment, “this brought me here”, vn com-pub, really, tard hive-minded ppl, don’t promote, just get the remote, uh. (violence is very not good nor cool or hot).

Andrey Andy says:

it’s not forced,there’s another video where the dog is dancing sala and it’s not forced.

Steven Tovar says:

salsa doge

Ann Gray says:

Forced salsa dancing.

jessicacandelario26 says:

LoL so so cuite

BadilloKat says:

Except at the end when the dog actually stands on all fours and is only pulling himself forward because he wants the food. Fucking honestly, I’m glad you don’t watch Colbert anymore.

anndalous1 says:

I agree completely. I saw this on Colbert and thought is was too cruel. I have not watched Colbert since.

Aubrianna Colwell says:


patnbutch4ever says:

I love it.teach me to salsa

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