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The beautiful Dina at Semiramis hotel in Cairo, Egypt, July 2010 music 2nd part of “Sert El Hob”


adi patoni says:

dansa buat ngocok

theresamknight1030 says:

Beautiful dancer but she looks like her spirit is sad.

BellydanceAdventure2 says:

I attended one of her workshops in 2011 and found her to be a wonderful teacher. The workshop was an emotional experience. A little like this clip. I loved it and I also admire her style. People forget that there are many ways of expressing belly dance. Dina’s style is unique. It is her own style that she has developed over her performing life.

yowordup2000 says:

News2…she was posted up in a hotel for three days…sexing and drugin with a black man. Said she found her man with another woman. Sad, I guess she had to get even though but what was WRONG was she had that black man drive her car back and forth for more get high…she should got all she was going to get and not endanger another person. He cheated, she cheated…hopefully it was worth it for them both.

yowordup2000 says:

News2… she was posted up in a hotel for three days doing crack and sexing a black man. She said she caught her man with another women. sad but, I guess she had to get even….why she had that black man driving her car back and forth to the crack spot was Wrong!!! she should of just sent for all she was going to get at once and not endanger another human being because of her troubles.

makpak says:

man i would TEAR HER APART!

im a ragin bull in bed and this girl AAAAHHH MAN… she would get it.

bellydancerinanna says:

I totally agree 😀

etattainments says:

thats her plastic surgery XP

asa9enaka says:

No need to bring up that tape, You know it was not shot with her concent. That was a crime.

Young Pharaoh says:

Who cares anyway she is a wh*re, she has a sex tape on the internet, she was arrested once for prostitution. Belly dancers in Egypt usually doesn’t get that naked, you find the professional ones covered up.. don’t need to use their bodies for fame, they took belly dance as an art and it is! Yes some does get that naked and they’re known to be cheap dancers, that goes to cheap wedding/party for 100 dollars, Dina is their mother! (Well not now cuz she got famous, but she always was one of them).

Jennifer Adams Franklin says:

Her boobs are a distraction… I wonder if she’s just being a rebel or something. She doesn’t need to flaunt that much cleavage. She’s a awesome dancer. But come on… who ya foolin? That bra is saying “All Eyes on These”.

Niníta Y. Quiroga Velásquez says:

Terrible, sus gestos son de sufrimiento, de dolor, sus movimientos no son delicados ni sensuales…. Definitivamente no me gusta ni cinco su show….

genestarwindjf80 says:


HaxinaGaius says:

I think she has constipation. xD

jzkramer says:

Silicon belly

Malesa Diaz says:

En la variedad esta el gusto, de repente hay personas que no comparten su estilo, si hay tanta gente que la siguen es porque ella es original, muy interpretativa, sensual, por que no atrevida, además que le luce porque tiene una personalidad imponente, me gusta mucho la danza árabe y creo que nos toca aprender mas de esta cultura y sus letras para poder entender lo que Dina demuestra en sus interpretaciones.

RAY777894 says:

Nice and impressive. Thanks for uploading.

Kru Tio says:

who’s looking at her face?

FirstName LastName says:

I don’t know why Dina is such a big deal. I have seen way better belly dancers – even non-Arab ones. I love the outfit, but Dina looks like a stripper who does some slight belly shaking & makes faces along with the music.

Sara elephant says:

she cant dance. lol

Ibizagirl91 says:

Fake breasts for God sake! So nasty!

Abdulmajeed Al-Zahrani says:

obviously cause its a sad song n she needs to act with it xD

AmyAAA1989 says:

Horrible haha

Jessica Badeaux says:

cause she’s had a little too much plastic surgery. lolz

cpeseta says:

So sad people cannot apreciate one of the most beautiful and ancient dance forms in HUMAN history.And one of its most beloved ambassadors this dance has transcended time, race, religion, persecution and hate.That is to be respected, preserved and perpetuated.Behold a real legend, and no I am not Jewish, or Muslim(even though I love you guys as brothers) I am a Christian. I’m not even Arab, I am American of mixed heritage (Korean Hawaiian and Black).I just love and appreciate this beautiful art.

Ranvir Sandhu says:


Aurora Zin says:

Beautiful costume! And I love how she shows emotion in her dance like she is acting out a drama.

AnAlvinLeeFan says:

I wish the audience would shut up. it is hard to be in the moment with this beautiful performance. Love Dina.

TheDodicat says:

She needs more meat on her

Maarit Kontio says:

you dirty ugly gyis, in oter islam counries, thinks if she is youre sister !!!!!!!!!

abuy gober says:

masa alloh tuh tete nya gede banget

Nathalie Hyacinthe says:


مروان على says:

shut the fuck up people

zhariarose says:

Plse to all the idiots out there , Everyone who is anyone in belly dance world knows who DINA is .and for you who don’t know . Go crawl back in your hole . Before posting your half brain comments

Omar Khalil says:

does dina sound american to you, cuase i am pretty sure its an egyptian name!!! and an islamic one too! dumbass

az31462 says:

اوف مش قادر لازم انيكها
لما اقوم اضرب عشرة احسن مش قادر اااااااااااااااااااااااه

bigman1171 says:

@Nihal Atsiz fuck you god damn Jew

bigman1171 says:

@miss3sha87 there’s no women in turkey. And Arab women can be real bitches

Alp Atam says:

shut up sandnigger, only gay is you fuckin basturd

miss3sha87 says:

no arab and turkish woemn perfected it

miss3sha87 says:


freudhill81 says:

She is such asn inspiration to all dancers no matter where you are from. Whatever form of dance the point is to respect yourself, the dance and your audience.

Tatsuyoujo says:

There are male and female belly dancers in most cultures. I think you’re more foused on spreading homophobia and shame slut shaming, and you don’t care about belly dancing.

hadiadances says:

Let’s focus on Dina’s amazing artistry and gorgeous interpretation of such a rich and wonderful piece of music and not bother talking about the negative aspects of ridiculous people dong ridiculous things please…….

bigman1171 says:

@bulutyerli And I also saw alot of American and German girls throwing bachalerette parties with males strippers/belly dancers just outside of our hotel. In my home country Iran that isn’t ever acceptable and the government would have the men doing that killed and the women possibly mutilated. We also have belly dancers but it all women and it’s illegal for men to do that in public (its for being homosexual).

bigman1171 says:

@bulutyerli I’ve been to Istanbul I didn’t see one female belly dancer there and most of the audience were women wanting to see the male belly dancers and Turkish wrestlers and they were at the movie theatre wanting to see magic mike. There’s nothing exciting about the country all turkey is just the Amsterdam/San fransisco of the Muslim world. And the women are major bitches and sluts too and it’s a terrible place to raise children.

bulut yerli says:

what are you talking about ??? 99% of turkish belly dancers are women. And we have belly dancers for hundered of years. Since Ottoman Empire.

bigman1171 says:

egyptian (arab) women invented belly dancing. persian and indian women perfected it. turkey and israel are gay so their belly dancers are all men and no women

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