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Learn the 4 Arabic Dance Moves with Amer Zahr.


MROKAY6 says:

make sure to post how to country dance to arab country music….. AKA Dabke!!!

nykmelo says:

eh elly beyehsal da - hakim

Yassine Tebib says:


papi3133 says:

Hes messing around hes my boy he’s a comedian he’s hilarious

Yassine Tebib says:

idk if this guys serious or messing around….

Demi Shokry says:

@Elias el-bitar its called elhala eh by hakim

Ana Maria says:

bwahahhaahahhahahahahahahahahaaahahahahahahahhahahaaha 😀

I loooooooooooveeeeeeeeeeed this! 😀 Great funny guy! 😀

motazelashi says:

sooo funny lolololololool that was great man

Mark Tayar says:

Awesome! We have an Arabian nights themed party and I will play this video on the big screen and get the whole crowd to practice these moves! Video response to follow soon!

2tomana7ue says:

imas msg u inbox 🙂

mariam ali says:

eh, gdje srece da sam u mogucnosti :/ zaista bih..ovako cu se morati usreciti s eventualnom turistickom posjetom 😀

2tomana7ue says:

pa dodji kod nas u Beograd :)

mariam ali says:

jako pohvalno i lijepo, svaka cast zaista! 🙂 razmisljala sam o tome, ali buduci da nema u zg-u “pravi” smjer, nisam. sad sam inspirirana da ga upisem negdje, da se usavrsim. ;D

2tomana7ue says:

a ja studiram arapski jezik, knjizevnost i kulturu 🙂

mariam ali says:

hihi,jesam 🙂 tata mi je sirijac pa zato znam, iako ne perfektno..a ti otkud znas? 😀

2tomana7ue says:

aaaaa pa ti si nasa 🙂 otkud znas arapski?

mariam ali says:

afwan, yaani, nema na cemu 😀

2tomana7ue says:

shukran laki ;)

mariam ali says:

sorry, i wrote te wrong song.:P it is eh ely be7sal dah by hakim 🙂

mariam ali says:

it is by hakim-el hala eh 🙂

zarasbazaar says:

I love this video!

yusuuf ibrahim says:

why is people posting ‘ is he gay etc and arab men dont dance like this or they wouldnt get married get a life people its fun man

yusuuf ibrahim says:

does it matter?

2tomana7ue says:


Eyad Abdel Latif says:

Amer, you have just made my night, you are hilarious, thank you.

sam yazdi says:


tota12ify says:

Hhhhh nice

Suhail Durrani says:

Your good at this! Do more..

4lifecopt says:

hahahhahahha SOOOO TRUEEE OMG!!

Masso1973 says:

Brilliant Amer!!

riogrl324 says:

when he sings i cant stop laughing

ThEG933 says:

hahahahahahah this guy is awesome

matts egypt says:

man ! no no and no we don’t dance like that . what is that ? this is so gay .. actually some of these movements can be done by some people but hey don’t generalize that , but i find this video so funny . and that song is a very old song like 8 years ago .

Mohaimn Fikry Draz says:

Is he gay??

ahmed fouad says:

ahmed fouad says:

the song is in this link


MrNinetyskid says:

Spot on

jaredsluver says:

lmaoooo he is so funny

marcnmaxibons says:

Lol too Damn funny

Ruba AH says:

So gay!!!!! If Arab men actually dance like that, they wouldn’t find a woman to marry!!!

Rudhra Bala says:

what is the name of the song he dances to?

Magdalena Vargas says:

what is the song name?

Samir Abou El Gheit says:

i can do that lol

DanceSolutionsYO says:

Too funny 🙂

Scalone326 says:

I watched this video like 5 times! This guy is too funny! lol

S10wGuY says:

best 1.50 minutes spent ever … in the library @ UCL

Dallas Martin says:

This is cute!!!!

OMGxOmeGa says:

someone PLEASE link me to the song :D

anonymouslegalhelp says:

كليب حكيم اية اللى بيحصل ده

copy and paste so you can enjoy

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