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Dance Clip Of The Week: This Latina Can Move! (Samba) Dance Clip Of The Week: This Latina Can Move! (Samba) Dance Clip Of The Week: This Latina Can Move! (Sa…


dontgiveaf3ck says:

cuz your a fucking pervert

Jonas V says:


nellito sp says:

damm girl

JasonDMG says:


Sieglien Fraser says:

OO__OO is this 2020?? and is this girl a grown up selina Gomes ?

BigDady313 says:

I don’t find hard to masturbate to this video

GkyaneLakshmiii says:

Gusttavo Lima – Balada Boa (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê)

andyr54401 says:

i love her!

GunStreets says:

and thats the reason i dont want no fucking sixpack on my women…no type of crazy muscles

curves da way to go

GunStreets says:

All might not wanna start dooling just yet…sources say this is a brazillian tranny

Xavier Verdi says:

chechereche song name
Diosa Canales venezuelan girl

Dan Prepper says:

Fries do come with that SHAKE!!!

Dan Prepper says:

U Go girl….Hey ya’ll watch my funny/crazy/helpful videos/shows plz sub my channel thx..potato guns/guns/crossbows/bows/zombie shooting/nun chucks/fishing/cooking/Rc cars/how to videos like how to make easy money with tonys trashy treasures & more like Doomsday Dans prepper tips & more Go check ’em out cool stuff thx ya’ll

Nico Crane says:

Balada (Tchê tcherere tchê tchê)” on

15551cue says:


Ardian Gashi says:

what is the name of the song please?

Chris Sparkz says:

A lot Latinas can dance like this.

drbeos says:


daniel kamulali says:



type 6.. watch 6 seconds.. repeat


1:20 for ass


why u no show ass long enough

Chris Middleton says:


jose soto says:

la amo

chigasaki06 says:

Now that’s a body! She’s so fit, but she maintained her feminine curves.

BabyHam ConDorito says:

Diosa Canales *-* Bella Venezolana

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