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This salsa dance video will show you a small quick combo to perform at the salsa dance nightclub. You can watch all of our FREE salsa dance video lessons at …


Michael W says:

Hi Anthony, I really like your spin you before the coca cola, but I have a lot of trouble doing the spin before I do the coca cola. I either don’t do my spin fast enough on 7, or I bump into the lady. Any tips on how to do the spin before the coca cola?

eduardobarber123 says:

estan chido tusbideos

MasterOctagon says:

you a smooth ass nigga bruh

reken77 says:

Muy buenos tus videos (very good your videos). Regards from the deep south (Argentina)

peruortiz says:

hahahhahahah LOL

javi1996ecua says:

En español por favorr !!! XDD Muy buen video

apersaud says:

It is just a section of a montuno salsa piece that comes with our app.

kallakurianand says:

wohoooooo…..julie is back again…. 🙂

a lovely video guys….i just luv u both….great move 🙂

madboyforever says:

What’s that super song? :-)

titihadi says:

love this..<3

Andy8181klasse says:

Thnks a lot! it is very lovely and i enjoy it

Calvin Eric says:

Nice as always

monoshilensis says:

Julieee!!! Years not seeing ya!! Nice move!! It looks like coca cola por atras !! Way to go Anthony !!!!

Rayo Frezh says:

jeje bien hee!!!! i like!!! a aplicarlos! (:


vaya hasta que subes video, no es reproche pero no manches…..

RommelVacek says:

chuck norris approves this move 😀

Ryurockswu2u says:

I really like this move. Will most deff be practicing it. Good job anthony and julie.


Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! Julie is here again!!!!!!
She’s a lovely and cute girl. I like 2 learn with her. 😀

TheCubanInc says:

Julie is back woohoo!! 😀

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