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Brazil Line Dance Choreographed by Frank Trace 32 Count 2 wall Beginner


Thalia Sodi says:

This Sucks!!! doesn’t have rythm at all!!! is the most ridiculous video I ever seen!!! all people trying to express like a real Brazilian? have you ever saw a real brazilian people dancing? even the music sucks, you white people are good just for one thing, stealing!!! yes! you don’t have culture that’s why you steal, salsa, bachata, mariachi cumbias you name it!!! even petroleo that’s why you send troops to kill people on other contries!!!

Frank Trace says:

Hello Suzanne, Thank you for your nice comment. Hope you enjoy my dance Brazil. Tell your students in Munich that I said “hello”. Best wishes, Frank Trace USA

youtoo67 says:

Hi Frank,
Found your dance recently on Youtube and will be teaching it to my 2 line dance classes here near Munich, Germany this coming week. Looking forward to dancing to it during the Fasching (Carnival) season and afterward. Suzanne

LauraatjeXD says:

Hahahahahah dit slaat toch helemaal nergens op. Zelfs mijn opa danst nog beter.

Frank Trace says:

Thank you. So glad you enjoy my Brazil line dance :-) Frank Trace

quickstepqueen says:

Thanks for sharing Frank…we learned this last week but as soon as I left the dance hall I forgot the new steps so this is a great reminder. Is now in my favourites – thanks.

Nick Roby says:

A Soul line dance class led by Joanne Short in Phila.PA with the Mt. AIRY Learning Tree, learned this fast paced fun loving dance this past week to a another song :
“New Jack Swing” by Wreckx-N-Effect, and loved this version with the choreography by Frank Trace. It was quite different than “Brazil” by Bellini-sounds like Gloria Estefan’s voice. Looking forward to practicing and the review.

Nick Roby says:

A soul line dance class led by Joanne Short in Philadelphia, PA with the Mt. Airy Learning Tree, learned this fun filled fast dance this past week to another song “New Jack Swing”by Wreckx-N-Effect,but with the same choreography of steps by Frank Trace. We enjoyed the dance and look forward to practicing and then the review.

Sid Calimlim says:

Sarge, what the title of the song and artist?

Frank Trace says:

Thank you Linda. I’m thrilled that you and your dancers enjoy my choreography. Warmest regards, Frank Trace

Linda Brannon says:

Such a great video and dance. I taught it to my class last week and they loved it. We were already dancing Duck Soup and having a good time with it. Can’t wait to learn and teach all your other dances Frank. Keep up the good work Linda from NC


Great dance Frank. I’ll be teaching this very soon. You did it again!!Lynne Martino

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