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this awesome girl does amazing stuff on the pole pole dance” table crazy incredible ”best ever” ”amazing dancing” greatest worlds dancer tabledance pole…


Nina Stickney says:

That was soooo sexy awesome

Nina Stickney says:


Chantall Stewart says:

Its Jenyne Butterfly – she is amazing!!!!!!!!

tqilchino says:

wow absolutely amazing

itsgomes90 says:

that smile

yeseniajeann says:

o: that was P E R R E C T .

Lindiane Maria says:


baddace702 says:

129 people are jealous.

TheJosh12598 says:


miiStuhKevin says:

1:03 Best Part

eanaj20 says:

Luv it

Sacha Phommavongsa says:

Comment elle arrive a se soulever aussi facilement avec ses deux bras?

mayleybritto says:

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Mommybear2926 says:

Damn! Wow!! That was amazing!!!!!!

ruperto mendiola says:

Yeah move that body

Marco Torres says:


marklinda44 says:

Yesss Pusss

MarekUtd says:

the body roll at 0:24 is mad sexy.

AkGaM3er says:

yeah cuz horny girls are watching this vid. wow angel martinez

Ty Gk says:

lucky ass pole!

angel martinez says:

horny girls kik me ! angelmartinez54

sonniereedwinao says:

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Vladimir Putin says:

ok dick. you won!

lunasxkillingxspree says:

Jeyne Butterfly is amazing!

Pantiepatrol says:

Where’s the mute button of the people laughing in the background?

Stefan Nielsen says:

Omg she must be strong as an ox!

Moore Jeremy says:

Awesome strength and muscle control, beautiful performance, terrible song! But still magnificent!!!

Dario Puaca says:

Marie me ?

Cameron Blades says:


Cameron Blades says:

love er routine so much! some of the laws of physics have been broken!

lfortune20 says:


lfortune20 says:


AgentGNL says:

And this is a static pole!!!!!

sillebieber says:

Can’t wait till I learn pole dancing.. I just hope to be half as good as her:O she’s amazing!

destinyjourgdhn says:

Not the best

Cocoa Pierce says:

Beautifully done…….ger

Hellonheelsnh says:

This is Jenyne Butterfly

kamryn smith says:


Calv Algierz says:

shit just got real..


do you mind if i use this video for my music video

YouMirinM8 says:

she poop

Pete Thornton says:

One of the best things ive ever seen!!!!

sorayacurry12 says:

Umm wow girl but i do think u were attached to string

TheCool20364 says:

Lucky* I meant

TheCool20364 says:

Any man that dates her is surely luck and I’m impressed that has to be very tiring using all of your muscles, I tip my hat to her

jessica smith says:

at the end at first i thought she fell

delleriumtremens says:

All i can say is OMFG…. sooooo SEXY o.O Marry me! xD

Chérazade KABEN says:

super serieux

GauravHkr says:

She Is Really Amazing 🙂
0.25 Part Wow

King Drifter says:

1:03 the sexy part 😀

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