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Learn the basic salsa step for men with expert Latin dancing instruction from a professional salsa dancer in this free online dance lesson and choreography v…


shredNtrees says:

You need some more light in your videos yo.

Sanjay Mukhopadhyay says:

Excellent and simple way of explanation.

JGandroot says:

gotta do this at school tomorrow in spanish -_- hope I get some hot girl lol

shika maru says:

yooooo i just realized that Jorge!!! the dude who dances wit Alemana doing that amazing bachata!!!!!!

Virg niea says:


raczyk says:

What kind of shoes are those? Do they have any heal? Or they just minimal? The look comfortable.

Michaelswk93 says:

you might be right about dancing. but my woman didn’t honor me so she hasn’t deserved a dance. we split up 6 moths ago. and im very happy about it. women can be worse than a devil. trust me on that one . only a few can make a mans life happy 🙂

Phil Seyer says:

if you don’t like dancing you are missing one of the greatest joys of the world. Honor your woman and learn to dance well!

Mario T vogeltje says:

some1 i know wants me to do this…WHY!! XP

tobe5150 says:

Great teacher!! Thanks!!

Pusztuljka says:

Lol I feel ya man 😛

Michaelswk93 says:

yeah thats true :)

crackkyadome says:

Yea… I’m here for the same reason too…Lucky gurls to have guys like us.

Michaelswk93 says:

my gurl told me that i need to learn salsa , it sucks a little because i don’t like dancing

Chr0nicB00m says:

i gotta learn this for my girl

jondavid77 says:

Yeah I watched a bunch of salsa how-to stuff and you are the best teacher I’ve seen. Thanks for the vids

harshharsh1000 says:

OOLalaaaa!!!! ;)

xplicitboricua49 says:

you are HOTT!

gabrielavila69 says:

you explain very well man…. because of this i got much better….and your other videos…..its really helpful thanks man

das1418 says:

thank you this is wat i was lookin 4….i dont need all the advanced stuff…..i can have la mujere help me with that 😉

boriqua109rasengan says:

well thank u for this easy teaching of salsa. im a kid and i need to start the basics of salsa. thanks!

Bruce Miles says:

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