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It’s better than fighting.


Erza Flower says:

Jews suck

Erza Flower says:

Arabs rock

james perrino says:

JEWS WIN.. AMEN!!!!!!!!!!!!

vincoff1 says:

while arabs dance like piglets :)

vincoff1 says:

It’s “We no speak Americano”, or, in its original version, “Tu Vuò Fà L’Americano”

AshihiiAshkii says:


Rathalos76 says:

Sorrryy to be racist but holy shit jewish people make me laugh soo fucking hard. XD ill never look at them the same after this video

muhajer m says:

jews dance like pigs

kuwaitloving says:

How come all these Jews are fat? Most of I know are slim. Fat inbred tribe?

Elizabeth Klinger says:

What is the name of this song?? It’s really catchy …

DrunkPerson says:


Caroline Boumaiza says:

Arabs !

familyguygerald says:

Bigger and better dance

familyguygerald says:

Jews owned the Arabs! Lol

MrTroposphere says:

Dancefloor, not war.

oliviaschenck says:

No us Jew won this lol

Izman Quaasalmy says:

i guess the arabs win this 😀

saied04 says:

All thumbs up for the araba obviously the Jews don’t have a beat

Mir NY says:

no they are not, thy are only zionists !

SatchmoSings says:

The real Jews are the Zionists and they have 300 nukes and ICBMs to announce this.

Mir NY says:

the real one are those jews, they dont suport zionism, and they say for zianist jew are not jews.

SatchmoSings says:

How do I know a “real Jew” when I see one?

The Jews in this video look like “real Jews” to me; how can you tell if they’re real or not just by looking at them?

saifunnimsa says:

great, but not fair, the rebbe has shoe size 65!

Mir NY says:

Hitler he dont know the real Jew ! zionist are not the real one. The real jews are good people !

Meyiya Seki says:

the arab dance better.

Minymina1000 says:

Like I said, you are clearly you are ignorant.

SatchmoSings says:

Zionist Jews ARE “real Jews;” Hitler, after all, recognized them as such of which you are obviously very, very glad.

SatchmoSings says:

Nice to see you’re cowardly enough to say MUSLIM land rather than ARAB land.

It was Muslim land; it belonged to The Ottoman Turks who are NOT Arabs.

SatchmoSings says:

I have absolutely no idea what you’re trying to communicate except that you’re anti-Israel, anti-Jew and anti-SatchmoSings.

Minymina1000 says:

Clearly you are ignorant and there is no need to argue with you.
I posted those videos to prove a point that #Mir NY was trying to make before you called him a lair and a racist fag even due he said nothing disrespectful about the Jews while you on the other hand acted with hatred.

SatchmoSings says:

Those are videos of the same group of people, not separate groups of ultra-Orthodox Jews who are anti-Zionist.

A) You can’t name what group they are
B) You can’t name their spokesman/leader

Also, that you chose this group of people, rather than other ultra-Orthodox Jews this ways speaks about your hatred of Israel and Jews and your total overall non-knowledge of this subject.

You don’t even know why this group is considered an anathema while other ultra-Orthodox Jews are actually respected.

Minymina1000 says:



guille guillote says:


Mir NY says:

NO the are not same thy are like catholics and roman christians or sunni muslims and shia muslims . the raal jews dont accept israel, only zionist jew s accept !

jaysaviod says:

the jews had more rythem!

Phantom451208 says:

I wish this was how countries resolved their differences…

abmong says:

This is how real wars should be faught. Fun, Epic no blood

DeltaHorizon22 says:


SatchmoSings says:

It seemed that Hitler knew who “the real Jews” were; too bad you don’t.

RevolvedAce says:

typical brainwashed yank

Mir NY says:


Mir NY says:

hey you don’t say a think for Albanians you dumb ass ! do you know
albanians save the jews !
and Hitler he only kill jew’s and bleak from Africa .

southernwoodwcross says:

You are a creep”O” lol, only a creepy person with a creepy mind would come up with a reply like yours!! Watch out children that live on that creepers block.

SatchmoSings says:

Unlike yourself I know how to keep myself clean; I bathe to KEEP myself clean; you bathe to GET yourself clean when you’re not using your shower/bathtub as a place to take a DUMP.

southernwoodwcross says:

You creep me out!!!!!!! Is this all you do is troll on this video??? You must be that special kind of stupid hahahahaha!!

nuraly78 says:

bulshit. my country is ok with its non-muslim neighbors

Asif Hussain says:

Go to hell you bitch.I am going to kill you,you asshole.I will hack into your account,find your address,then kill you.Did I mention I am a trained assassin/hitman.Prepare for the worst.Bitch.hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahaahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

justhateme israel says:

LOL. Did you know that Hitler killed Albanian Muslims? No one likes you Moron. Muslims are at conflict with every neighboring non-muslim country ex Turkey/Greece, Israel/Stupid Arab neigbors. Some even lead to separation like India/Pakistan, Bosnia/Serbia in FROY. Even countries with significant Muslim population have internal islamic problems ex. Russia/chechnya, Indonesia/East Timor, North Ph/South Ph. Catholics, Christian(protestants, orthodox) buddhist,atheist,jew,hindus HATE YOU. 😉

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