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A7la dance & body in black.


abderrahmane adel says:

ça c’est une dance…belle femme…a moins ke se serait pas un gay….lool…bravo..

amirshiny says:

OH my GOD Very Nice

amirshiny says:

very nice Dance.

bigcocki2 says:

can i kiss you nice ass?

Zia ur Rahman says:

nice songs and music

Zia ur Rahman says:

plz tell me songs lyrics that i can find easily thnx

Magnaguards says:

take on your niqab woman! Or we will kill you and find your family/ From a Taliban

Saleh Gamil says:


miraniii3 says:

yes babe, hot

TheDragonkhs says:

brother cuold u pplz plz send me this song plz

Ahlam albishri says:

She’s a normal dancer not a “stripper” you idiots ,this is what most Saudi women dance at weddings ,parties etc..
And I thought that Foreign men are open minded but actually they’re worst than Wahhabi men!!

Ahlam albishri says:

This girl is a Saudi dancer, her video spread first in Saudi Arabia by Bluetooth cellphones then on u tube,even the song is for a saudi singer “حبه حبه ياحبيبي” “.watch?v=dQX_NmlLmz8

27speed27 says:

Wat een hoer

Abdellah Naqir says:

beautiful dance

lola19871000 says:

I can dance better than this!!!!!!

amirshiny says:

Very hot girl dancing beautifully. Thanks

MrIjaztube says:

So beautiful baby, plz add more clips

madvouta says:

من ستر عورة أخيه المسلم ، ستر الله عورته يوم القيامة ، ومن كشف عورة أخيه المسلم كشف الله عورته حتى يفضحه في بيتة

– إلغاء اى مقطع هتك اعراض يرجى القيام بالتالي

1 – flag
2 – spam = محتوى غير مرغوب فيه

ومن ثم تقوم بالضغط على المربع المكتوب فيهFlag this Video weeks ago

(من تتبع عورة أخية تتبع الله عورته) فأستر على إخوانك المسلمين، حتى لو أرتبكوا الذنوب، من منا لا يخطأ و لكن (خير الخطائين التوابون).

انشر الله يكرمكِ

badman su says:

Shez a sexy bitch wah u on

omar1234503 says:

she is a hor go 2 hell

fiebrua12zx says:

Nice moves

she7777i says:


Ahlam albishri says:

Shes a Saudi girl -__-

valleck simmons says:

You are welcmoe.

ShiZi999 says:

thank you!!!!!

mehbuba321 says:

WTF r u sasying do u have eyes!! omg!!!!!! :S

mmunassar says:

this is a man hes from soudia arabia well he was a man hes name is hesham youtupe it

bilubhaii says:


said2124 says:

@88100princess it’s called “galb wahed” by (haza3 al minhali)…google it under هزاع المنهالي _ قلب واحد…good luck finding it..great tune

wa7daFEldinya says:

its by عيضه المنهالي cant remember the song name though sorry 🙂

sety560 says:

super girl dance!!!

Lenz2010 says:

it’s great, lovin it

McBozzo says:

uu soo sexyy bbeee omdz niceee fukin bodyyy im gone be in maracaan afta 1 moths 4 haliidaiiiii 😀

TseTse2498 says:

wow i wanna be skinny like her, shes perfect))

Rawan Shattah says:

shoo esm 2l o3’nyeh 7ada e7kele!!!!?/????

Rawan Shattah says:

woooooooooooooooowww btjneen!!!

Mamdouh Moursi says:

i was in caza few years ago the marocaan ass is the best

Angel haiku says:

wth is this?? she’s just shaking her ass -.-

livenlearn011 says:


ibtissamfadil says:

thats not arabic dancing..shes just shaking her booty…idiot

Dalamen says:

You’re very good! That looks like it would take a lot of practice. I wish my girl could move like that!

hakdor says:

shes hot

a7laamantube says:

ميه ميه ،،جسم ورقص فعلا روعه
ياحلاه من حضنها وضبط وضعها

Meshal Dsouza says:

i love arab women

Ashfaq Khan says:

she seems expert, i wonder which song is in back ground !!!??

Mrkamoumou says:

anaradi alike

Mrkamoumou says:

Ana radii Alick

mohamed A. kady says:

who ever that girl is in that video ill put it where she dudu at make her booty fat..!!

PublioCiceron says:

 she is arabic girl?
(very nice nickname SPQR¡¡¡Salve Roma)

PublioCiceron says:

@Marokkaansebillen no grandisimo pendejo musulman…son los latinos

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