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hayley maxwell says:

She has SOOOO much confidence

aloneytx13 says:

She base guts!!

aloneytx13 says:

She base guts!!

onibaku3 says:

dunno… but i liked her performance… ;D

Steve Dobbs says:

well.. ..she is really really fat.

slicerthehedgehog says:

You should know

slicerthehedgehog says:

Learn to spell bitch

slicerthehedgehog says:

You has for grammar nothing

purpletaco72 says:

Stop calling her fat! I bet half of the people watching this wouldn’t have as much confidence as she does to do that

mert gültekin says:

she has for breakfast burgers

BernieFire says:

McDonald’s night club.

h4ppyh4rdc0ril4 says:

they say shes fat, not that shes not talented

Sterling Bachman says:

what did I expect… it’s America 

roger tristina says:

The whale is dancing its alive its alive

RElikt94 says:

You meen eat as much as she can? ))

MsCoyl says:

писдец. я думала шест сломается

antonio lemus says:

aAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡ wtf is a Walross

bellamelissa87 says:

I love when people are impressed that overweight people can be flexible I know a lot more overweight women who are more flexible than skinny chics. It takes lots of time and practice to accomplish those basic moves but I applaud her!! 🙂 sure wasn’t a million dollar act but it was fun to watch! I hope she continues to practice!! Its such a great all over body workout!!

LemonadeVampire says:

Lol at the end

Veronica Vigor says:

Dude surely you did not open your eyes in this video shes amazing is brave and is a very good sport next time OPEN YOUR EYES AND WATCH BEFORE YOU COMMENT!!!!!!!!

niya3006 says:


Jeyekomon says:

It was brave of her, cute and very inspirational. She’s amazing! And overweight.

dyingtolive123 says:


Garchomp Lover says:

Goodness …. This is the most hilourious thing I’ve ever seen.. Although she’s embarrassing herself…

crimsonsorrow13 says:

that’s effin awesome! good for her!!!!!!!

25sexymel says:

you go girl, that was absolutely amazing 😀

symbolz209 says:

thays fuxked up what ur guyz eude comments dayum at least she got ballz to do that for ppl too she i give her propz shit wish i could doo that too

DollFaceHottie says:

She needs to her dirty feet smh

Gary Ge says:

shes so fat, i got cancer from watching this video

shtusha34 says:

5+ за оптимизм!

A Clark says:

Ok anyone else hear Squeaking LOL

joan faustino says:

so funny

rowanvamp0 says:

I just started pole dancing and you ARE MY INSPIRATION!!! I’m overweight and thought I’d never climb the pole but you have me saying I CAN instead of ohh I can once I lose weight. I just wonder tho how long did this take you??

preciousraven12 says:

They both should stay off the pole

kennishia thompson says:

Go Girl!!! You did something that I can’t, and will not never be able to do. Keep at it.

Franko199346 says:

HOLY FUCKIN SHIT…she destroyed my eyes

JeremeeV says:

RIP Pole

Kristin Waggoner says:

For all you asswipes who are dissing on her weight, she had the balls to go up there and show people what she can do! I can honestly guarantee that half of ya’ll wouldn’t do that! First, Pole Dancing is hard as shit, especially for over-weight people. I can’t even do that! Secondly, she went out there. Who has ever done something like this? Just went out and did something that they were afraid to do, and/or something that they knew that people would judge you for? SHE HAS MY VOTE

MoonlightSource says:

crappy cameraman

Reynaldo Alvarado says:

holy shit its honey boo boo

Fruitydc ri says:

fat girls need lovin? Yeah but there’s also a phrase that says know your limitations. IF you’re blind, why play tennis? If fat, why do pole dancing? Mismatched seriously. Elephant on a pole

chouchiha69 says:

She’s easily twice my weight and I couldn’t climb that pole if my life depended on it.

chouchiha69 says:

Don’t give a shit what ya’ll say. She’s hot!

Mathew Davey says:

I was actually hoping she was going to be good. That was horrible.

hkphan85 says:


RaggiBoy1 says:

surprised she didnt destroy the pole

LandoVAMIV20 says:

Я считаю, у всех была мысль: “Этот опрос будет ломать” haha

vault101lt says:

I’d hit it..

LandoVAMIV20 says:

finally! someone with some sense

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