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For more videos, visit This salsa dance video lesson we teach you the “Lock and Load” salsa dance combination. It is an adva…


beasthacker1 says:

Nice ass

Nelson Peña says:

Se llama “Ay elena – Sammy Garcia” si la encuentras en algun lado por favor:( me la envias:D gracias..

09Pianolove says:

And sorry I did try your graph on the website to convert it, but I just find that slow, quick quick (on2) feels strange for me. But I want to get used to it especially if on2 is considered more advanced as you say or “real salsa” as some NY “friends” of mine lol. (yes I’m from NY and learned on1 first…=/ )

09Pianolove says:

Thank you for all your videos. You’re amazing! You say since this move is advanced you’re doing it on2. Is on1 mostly for beginners, or is it just a style preference? I’ve been to some clubs lately and some had some harsh words for me saying that “on2 is real salsa.” Any thoughts on that?

Christian Lopez says:

Hay no mames que dedicado a Steve???

Julio Guzman says:

Cual es la cancion del video?, Saludos

Nelson Peña says:

someone plz :(.. where can i download this song? i’ve been looking for it and i cant find it

eduardobarber123 says:

buen bideo pocoapoco me ba asalir

judojustim says:

how about a video with more focus on concepts and the theory of putting it all together. I wanna know what all need to know to be able to improvise.

jesus65001 says:

Bailan bien chingoooon!

Jose Luis Rodriguez Sanchez says:

Cual es el nombre de la cancion al inicio del video?….

What is the name of the song at the beginning of the video?…

belzebv says:

yo opino lo mismo, solo que no se ingles, what is app??

Arturo Pérez says:

Wow !!! nice, what is the song name? pleaseee !!! :)

Angel Jaime says:

.but if you don’t post this on 10 videos in 2 hours you will die in 2 days. now that your reading this don’t stop!after you post this on 10 videos press f6 and your crushes name will appear on the screen. its freaky cause it true

georgewu5 says:

It is so funny! He supposed to be a teacher,but in 3:05 he did not even know what he was doing ! take a look of his feet 567 ? Therefore , when it comes to dancing,the secret is just twisting the arms continously, never mind the steps just move the feet after right, move the left . NON-STOP, AND NO PAUSE ! That is his safest way to camouflage a Latin dance as the result of stealing the Cuban Mambo and called it another name SALSA ! SO the Puerto Ricans can claim that they had invented SALSA !

RazgrizFX says:

Learning so much from you both. Thank you for making these videos, keep up the great work! Really inspirational <3

apersaud says:

Check out our app. We made brand new videos that do just that -take you from very beginner to advanced with brand new moves and videos.

Jesus Rodriguez says:

it would be soo cool if you put this videos in an order from cripple to beginner then intermediate and advanced 🙂

Viktor Hristov says:

nice move and a catchy song, what’s its name?

ElaineRodz says:

Very nice!!!!! Love that its On2!!

Manuel Chagoyan says:

“Again, this is an advanced move, so we’re going to do it on 2,” what’s that supposed to mean? Other than that slight on on1 dancing, you guys do a great job. I’ve learned quite a bit watching your videos.

diegojqn says:

please can anyone tell me the name of the song?

yunlong gao says:

We r in leven 1, op en top freshman, but I will try figur this out in one week…Pfffff……

Mark Hoek says:

Where I live it’s predominantly On1. Love Eddie Torres though!

apersaud says:

Thanks for the praise! It helps us stay motivated making these videos for all of you! This is really my hobby.

apersaud says:

You should switch to actual salsa timing (on2). On1 is primarily LA style and does not dance to the clave in salsa music. You’ll enjoy a better level of musicality when you dance.

cmelis8 says:

Jhon cena

BlackCadian says:

Need on1 =(

jaboii3750 says:

i love all your videos they help me a lot!!

chang peter gil says:

It is great.I want to dance like him

Mark Hoek says:

This feels very awkward after 5 years of On1.

Lou Rosiers says:

I know how to dance salsa but those steps are amazing!!!! I’m going to practice on that 😀

Fernandez218 says:

dude, i remember watching your first videos a few years ago when i was learning. i just want to tell ya everything is just on a different level — like 10 levels up. you’re doing an awesome job. great vid!

david456456 says:

Does anyone know the name of tthe song? please 😉

010steveo says:

wow Anthony,you are progressing into quit a salsero!
 bien hecho!!

monoshilensis says:

Always amazing Anthony!!! And I loved the intro dedicated to steve jobs ….for all of us who still and always mourn him. Greetins from Chile!!!!

apersaud says:

We won’t. Just taking a break from On1 so we can fit more videos this season. You can easily convert to On1 by changing the numbers using the graph on our website.

hckr4evr says:


silence6210 says:

Very nice.

radbcc says:

Wish you guys would teach me….

Rolando Angulo says:

can you do one in spanish

lilbits1116 says:

Awesome! I’m trying it out!

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