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World pole dance champion Oona Kivelä demonstrating strength and flexibility moves on stall bars, parallel bars, floor and pole. Like…


Stanton PT says:

She’s amazing! Check out my videos, if we had kids they would be complete BEASTS

YourSunshine97 says:

If somebody know the name of the song, please tell me?

DMTwannaB says:

She might be the fittest girl in the world. I would soooo bang

mizzmeek69 says:

Wow! I couldn’t imagine how long it would take me to be  able to do that! She’s absolutely amazing!

OrangeAidGaming says:

U could we a very good stripper!

AWorldOfPaperr says:

I will find you…
and I will marry you

Dominika Em says:

thanks 🙂

aliana pole says:

she’s pole art 2012 winner amazing woman. and international pole champion isnt she amazing 🙂 love her training room

dobbs1222 says:

Such a beast!

MsRockylady says:

No she couldn’t ‘cuz pole dancer is nothing like a stripper.

Brittany Merrion says:

That’s amazing I’m going to work on doing that in gymnastics practice:)

Zlobivka says:

And Yoda Girls as well.

Zlobivka says:

That’s because she trains her body for strenght not musclemass

Blackprid3 says:

Just Liquid Drumm and Bass <3

ChozNiCK says:

There is no such thing as gravity for her…

MRocioRP says:

Paranoid Breaks – Running

Mathew Davey says:

So many diff ways you could hit that while hanging off a wall.

fratzegullasch says:

thanks for watching ? …….. thanks for letting me watch !

Synapsenkitzler says:

¡puɐʇspɐǝɥ ǝɥʇ ǝʞıl ı

majka masna says:

shocking :O

Dominika Em says:

song title ?

Natasza Kornobis says:


flora75z says:

It´s amazing! She is great, so cleer movements! I like it a lot of!

Sinow22 says:

3:10 outch :o

OfficialBarstarzz says:

Lol this video has less then ten comments before I shared it. Awesome! #barstarzz

yourugly1994 says:

Wtf is this? Is she showing everyone how many different ways she can take the D?

Гоша Киреев says:

She is the best partner to do kamasutra with !!! ))

Missy Mae says:

I know pole dancers who do have boobies.

Ignacio Medina says:

That’s a weird looking kitchen

1assasin1988 says:

Ashamed by a girl…thats hurt

Arturo gonzalez says:

@1:30 (y)

Matty Fusaro says:

Can’t stop laughing at that LOL

Jerome O' Neill says:

Like if Barstarzz sent you here

IgelHaut says:

omg, i want a gym like this :O:O:O:O

Yung Dumb says:

she could be a crazy stripper

Yung Dumb says:

barstarzz send me here

jameelkak says:

بنت حرام

summerjetset says:

barstarzz sent me here

Assassino Creed says:


MsGymCh says:

awesome stuff, gratz.

askani79705 says:

Dear Newborn Baby Jesus. …

Rubicaramelo says:

She is very flexible with her body and movements, she is not a body builder lean fat free but hell of the job she is doing..woww. Respect!!

PeanutButteR1elly says:

How is it she not looks like a bodybuilder? I bet shes strong as hell also…. cheers

Angèlica Vargas says:

DIVINA ¡¡¡¡¡¡

Tae Castro says:

so many moves and so little boobies

Mark D says:

Impressive. Get thee to a dojo.

SGT1izotte says:

1:45 holy shit…. every mans dream

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