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2012 US Pole Dance Championship Champion – Michelle Stanek – Optional round


thanh ma says:


Marsha M says:


Angelica ortiz says:

I Just Dont LIke The Fact That She Has Her Ass Hanging Out And Barely no Bottoms

Jovana Rakić says:

Genau! 😀

Lola Gonzalez says:

Holy SHIT! Incredible.

Prinsesaa Esmillo says:

so hardcore! amazing!!

Derwes Jigwa says:

haw are people montain

mercedesr789 says:

It’s really good. I GUESS THAT’S WHY SHE’S THE 2012 CHAMPION OF THE UNITED STATES. Pole dancing is a talent, clothes or not.

cherrypoledance says:

Such a beautiful performance!

Lucifer Gabriel says:

stripper heaven?

freelmpr1 says:


Ikari1212 says:

What?????? Arent they????? :PPPP

DJWaffolz says:

That was beautiful.

Aleksandra Prokic says:

ovo nije tipican “ples oko sipke”….. vec sport pun prefinjenosti…

Barbara Fordham says:

Thinking that pole dance is only for strippers is like thinking massage is only for hand jobs

надежда грачева says:

очень красиво

pdx007 says:

I got dizzy watching….

Zae Jackson says:

She looks like a sexy cheetah !!!!!! From the look of the technique , passion and control she had to be a dancer before this … But this isn’t stripping it takes way more technique and training and with stripping all you need to know how to do is shake your butt climb a pole and do a lil spin …. Just because you have a “boner” from her doing this doesn’t make her a stripper it makes you a weak man … Men get turned on by the slightest things . You can see a girl in a bikini & u gt a “boner”

assiracrose says:

Where do you see a thong?

MyMartianNameIskzjzt says:

Cirque du Soleil meets The Gentlemen’s Club. Impressive and kudo’s for the work it took to become that much of an athlete. I’d start watching the Olympics again if this showed up in it.

Alyse Johnston says:

I have brand new respect for pole dancing. This is amazing!

pointlessfailure says:

the video suggests dance, but my boner suggest stripper

Julia mesquita says:


UnforseenBlade says:

Whatever it is, I wouldn’t mind being the pole.

LappyTrans says:

This isn’t pole dancing. Its gymnastics.

kathberry8 says:

I think this athlete worked many long,hard hours to achieve this utter control over her body, not to mention gravity!! Dedication to such an endeavor is admirable, I bet she doesn’t just sit around all day deriding others and posting catty and jealous comments about other women taking the physical challenge and doing something…..

LuminaBelle says:

it’s a difficult and respectable art, but I’m really sorry…grow up a little. if someone thinks this is sexy they’re wrong? this outfit and the moves are designed to be sensual lol…she’s wearing a flesh coloured thong. don’t patronize because you’re talented

Oleg6349 says:


Cassandra Conway says:

I can do better than that!

Hamish MacMillan says:

like confused fireman.

oluwatipsy chingchong says:

69 dislikes almost invisible

Xenaisthebusiness says:

“if you think this is sexy you’re so wrong in so many ways!”

What the hell is wrong with you?

loveshaw1 says:

stunning routine and inspirational talent!!!

0v0nevermore says:

There’s nothing wrong with thinking pole dancing is a sexy art form. And saying pole dancing is not for strip clubs is like saying cellos aren’t for rock and roll; art can be used however people intend it to.

vlaydros says:

Totally wrong for thinking that’s sexy. The provocative movements and skimpy clothing certainly do nothing to help that… Sorry, but you’re a dumb cunt. 😀

DiamondClassPole says:

Loved this!! 

corinne de carlo says:

wow!! she is amazing!!!!!!!!

san smith says:

my god is she good. love the art of it and the strength it takes to do it. looking at a naked girl doing it is just a bonis

Pui Sai Lam says:

nice !!!

Ivan Angelovski says:


Hannavos says:



Wow when you can make something this difficult look easy, that’s talent. and a whole lot of strength very nicely done brovo

Pamela Babe says:

she is so strongggggggg

Leanne Bell says:


Tavrin Barzani says:

@David Powers

David Powers says:

Camera made her look a lot better than she is. Pales in comparison to this.

cucazzie says:

Wow beautiful

Orlando Mendez Landa says:

what!!!! no this so bore, check this ….. “ukraine got talent pole dancer”

Евгения Фроджи says:


jbow2001 says:


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