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Close Watch Rio carnival girls practicing samba dance routines at Samba rehearsals: Carnaval Rio de Janeiro videos. Samba …


task zulu says:

What a work out looks like awesome fun!!

MrAlvinwho says:

Who is the tall one with with black hair black skirt and yellow tanktop? 0:24 – 0:56

belavistario says:

that is true!! Good observation!

Alaslamalamabad says:

don’t forget they have indigenous blood in the mix too.

luvuless12 says:

wow can i make a simple comment without being psychoanalyzed by someone who is probably not even certified to give such analyses? It’s a really simple comment that wasn’t meant to be taken so literally.They are just collectively beautiful women on the outside ok.
I actually think im flawless so spare me the after school special. Thanks.

SilverLakeify says:

why would you want to compete? You need some self-esteem and don’t compare yourself to other women, be yourself, take care of yourself.

TheMosco3 says:

hahaha damn you guys this is nothing. this is nothing if you want real life horny girls who will skype with you check out this:

obx32 says:

talk about work out

Th3ControlerDubstep says:

lol damn you guys this is nothing. if you want the real shit this site has real girls nymphos who you can just message and they send you anything check out this:

yavuz kara says:

harika bunlarrrrrrr
[email protected].

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mjsunc says:

what do the yell out at the end of the video when the music stops? Thank you

Maria Schlegel says:

Damn! Forget the gym, an hour of this dancing a day will give you a body of steel! Look at those girls go-just watching them makes me exhausted! Amazing, I’m definitely hooked!

Whoizcasper says:

didn’t literally mean black and white i meant typical black features and white features, like Ass, thighs ect

belavistario says:

Concordo 1000% com vc.

CanwllCorfe615 says:

Came for the music, stayed for the dancing.

belavistario says:

I agree…my cousin had 5 private lessons and she paraded here in Rio pretty well….

SteelFoundation says:

You will cbussie just keep going for it 🙂

Diana Prado says:

Thanks @joghy86 , kisses!!!!

Diana Prado says:

Thanks @budedudes, kisses!!!!

Ashoora Anoki says:

oh good god, that last girl is just a … wonder !!!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Diana is her first name…Diana Prado, a great samba dancer!

ladypinkpse69 says:


Kome Mater says:

When i look at video it gets hot here no matter its snowing outside 🙂
Great dancers and pretty women,especially the last one …what is her name?

md azan says:

boobs bring me here to watch this video W O_O W

ahmed albargi says:

الاتحاد صار كيذا

Diana Prado says:

ok, nos veremos amanha. bjs Diana Prado.

belavistario says:

È tá podendo ein…amanha estarei la na quadra, bj, Andre

Diana Prado says:

não tinha visto o pedido de casamento @belavistario só depois do seu comentário…. rs

belavistario says:

Ag, vc viu abaiixo que teve um te “pedindo em casamento”, abaixo: veja…rss …” Leopard skin pant lady …I want to marry you !!!!”

belavistario says:

Amanhã estarei lá! Ontem na São Salvador encontrei várias Clementianas. Foi bem legal na comemoração do Tetra. bj amiga

Diana Prado says:

Deu pra matar a saudade… rs

luvuless12 says:

it really isn’t fair that brazilian women exist.. like how is anyone supposed to compete?

Ruben1HM says:

They say you need reggaeton to shake the ass. Samba girls prove them wrong. Love brazilian beauties!

Ali Aldhufar says:

لابو من جمعكم

theoryg says:

That was something. That Samba sound is intense and more fulfilling for me then my trance techno and house stuff.

Fillerup5 says:

Best Woman in the World Full of Life

dustedNdisgusted says:

i gotta get my ass down to brazil. Those chicks were bangin!! #smashtime

Eddy Anrsm says:

Nice dancing Style

cheyenne herrera says:

0:57 wild white chick appears

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Hello, she is called Diana and one of the top samba dancers in Brazil. Below I selected 2 of her top videos:

One of them has more than 300 thousand views! Impressive samba dance skills!

budedudes says:

Wowza ….. Leopard skin pant lady …I want to marry you !!!!

BrazilCarnivalCOMBR says:

Hey, Congratulations! Keep training in your Samba class. Samba is perfect! Like our page on Facebook. Tks for comment bye

cbussie says:

I’m American and I just took my first Brazilian samba class last night. I got the basic steps down but man these girls move fast. Hopefully with practice I can get just as good.

pereavega1 says:

@ibuymyoldclothes Can’t wait for your new videos also where they at? Let’s see what you got?

pereavega1 says:

@ibuymyoldclothes Your cheesy just like this video:)kisses love

ibuymyoldclothes says:

This is why I love Brazil !!!

mozamel arsala says:

Ass ……………

Mohamed Hikal says:


pootytangnl x says:

watch this withouth sound, hihi

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