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Upload from : DAY BY DAY ทำไมมันเล่น2รอบก็ไม่รู้อ่ะ ㅠㅠ!! ฮยอกเต้นได้เท่ห์มากๆอ่ะ แถมฮาด้วยแฮะ ดูวุ่นวายไปหมดเลย ฮ่าๆๆๆ^^ 강심장 강심장!!


Nabi Kwon says:

127 128

Nabi Kwon says:

127 128

princessann krenik says:

woooooooooow ! very HOT

arrkeros says:

demonios alguien sabe como se llama la canción es increible!!!!!

Wissuta Khonsung says:

LOL Lee Joon with the drill xD

Rebek116 says:


janny chang says:

so cool but funny x)

JMV1415 says:

which episode was this??

Miwiu ELFishSONE says:

Que Capitulo es?

An Nguyễn says:

what ep?

ArchAngelica18 says:

Mother of all things he knows how to work that pole! *_* but he forgot to take his sirt off 🙁 LOL 😉

Sereenpower says:

DAMN He totally worked that pole 

jessicaalexandra merchan says:

lee joon es el mejor y que sexy…..

angelica bello garces says:

el es muy lindo todo lo q haga siempre es genial y sexi falto su donghae para hacerlo mas interesante yo lo amoooooooooooo……….eunhae

Miwiu ELFishSONE says:

Gracias ;D

ILikeNoodlesYo says:

Take you down – Chris Brown 🙂

Miwiu ELFishSONE says:

como se llama la cancion me gusto XD

Jacellene Vergel says:

Thats why he was called Monkey. A handsome monkey! ♥ :”

mistyeyes0010 says:


Ngoc Đặng thị minh says:

That it’s Monkey

sushi7dramalover says:

monkey eunhyuk xD

Preksha Jain says:

couldn’t he just climb back up to get the jacket out…..

Preksha Jain says:


only reaction

Nhi Hyunh says:

Eunhyuk loi dug gum z z ma fang kug kuoi dc

juli0108 says:

He’s a monkey a’right… Kekeke~

SaKia995 says:

Hyuk, please THINK before you do something 😀

andrea lyle says:

he went from sexy to dork in a matter of seconds haha I love you eunhyuk oppa. XD

Petal Sally says:

khỉ leo cây hắc hắc

ItsKTV says:

, LOL, Yes; Chris Brown’s “Take You Down”.

RGLover641 says:

my heart…O.O

whoever i am says:

is that the title of the song?

AnngieDJ says:

Qué programa es este? Me lo quiero bajar jaja

Isabela Sato says:

HAHAHA ! Eunhyuk Just couldn’t get his Jacket . xD
And I wish i could dance like Euhyuk :’))

Lee Sungmin says:


shavira whye says:

whatt climbing the pole ?? hey monkey xD lols

Kiki F. says:

I guess I’m the only one in shock here about how Eunhyuk is a master at the pole.

coolioh101XOXO says:

what ep is this?

Ziana Mitchell says:

Lol the ending

0o0MaNgAaRtIs0o0 says:

First of all, damn Eunhyuk, sexy and funny all in one.
Second, where the hell did Lee Joon get that drill so fast?! O.O He really is a ninja assassin (c wut i did thar?).
Third, I can’t believe no one’s commented about Eunhae yet. I’ve never seen that happen before.. Let me break that: all that sexy time with Hae has really helped his pole wielding skills 😉 I’m sorry OTL.

ishaEmoPrincess says:

What episode is this?

Rou Beu Na says:

li 9erd 9erddddd 7bibbaaa ki7ama9 selguot diyali 😀

mustangrose7 says:


Lorain Shocco says:

bhahahahahahaha omg that was the most sexiest funniest thing ever

NatsumiAW says:

hahahaha you would get your jacket stuck on a pole Hyukkie

likerofkpop says:

lee joon is so nice! look how he helped to bring the jacket! so lovely

Irene Le says:


chochliqu says:

Because it wouldn’t be as funny as this way ofc 😉

Shani Aysha says:

chris brown – take u down 🙂

Athina Davidsson says:

lee joons like i got this!!! 🙂

Mel Hunter says:


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