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Der Sommer-Hit 2008.


Cristiano N'Koulou says:


maauzi1 says:

Yeay :-D

bugar1910 says:


popmean18 . says:

Serio ? 🙂

asilemcilop says:


mihai772246 says:

coool vid

africanqueen552 says:

the black girl is singing in swahili good combinations. very sexy love it.

bazzachazine says:

Best song ever

iKaaRoo says:

I odrazu widac ze Polacy sa wszedzie 😀 | Für die deutschen : Und man siehts sofort ,dass die polen überall sind ;D

Sprite2845 says:

Polacy ? Przejmujemy kolejny filmik ? 😀

TheGarbsener says:

chakalaka sind geile chips

Mike H says:

Great song one of the groups where each song the sang was a hit. Not many groups like this wish they would write more songs. Great song.

EnjoiThrowdown says:

aldous snow in this vid? sounds like african child LOL
im stoked!

阿迪 繆 says:

which language the song is???

Kolejorz2424 says:

Czaka Czaka Czaka Czaka Laka. :DDD

SusixChanxNaruto says:

O.O was fürn geiles Lied.

J3RS3YC1TY says:

Please Someone post te lyrics!

Kasia Chrobak says:

kurcze jak dawno tego nie widziałam ; DD
kozak !!

Farinalady says:

🙂 Very nice 🙂 I love it 😀

SilverVanBurg says:

i love it so much!

TZeveRe says:

Te apuca…

draculaapparition says:

Daddy likes him some chocolate.

chicagosylvia says:

i like your song thanks

SerenaChan16 says:

No Yamboo is a German Band they just learn other european or other languages

specialk42293 says:

Yamboo is a russian kind of making or shuld i say band. yeah they are awesome i deff listen to Kalinka one of their other famous like songs:D

Alina Henderson says:

voll  ccccccccoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooollllllllllllll

truskawafreak says:

świetne =P

nikolett1118 says:

zsír arc

Blitzen121 says:

this song is so Kawaai!!!:))

malaika M. says:

swaili language

SuperStarfire88 says:

This song and this group are cool! Does anyone know if its Russian?

ganbatt3 says:

mapouka chacachachchalaka

SilkroadFan12 says:

COOOOOOL I LOVE THEM!!! jetzt echt die sind voll geil!!!!

miras5394 says:

Świetny kawałek, dobry na imprezę – do potańczenia

Honey77777777 says:

haha das lied hab ich durch meine Chakalaka Nimm mich mit! – Karte gefunden =)

WaCkYsPuD says:

what language is this??? lol

rholando says:

jajaja da risa esta cancion xD

chacalalalca jajajaj

JassilovesMonrose says:

damals wars mein lieblingslied von yamboo 😀 und iwie kann ich den text noch xD

okocyklopa says:

swetny kalwalekkkkkkkkkkkkk
do tatncaa

MegaMervan says:

echt geil

leons17 says:

I like……:):))

fialin says:

ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…stuuuupid X D hehe 😀

idemudia419 says:

that is nice

CrunkNeeder says:

c quoi sa?


this shit for the toilette

sabine1ham says:

Super Cool.

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