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shoukat qureshi says:

Nice boobs

doitbaby20 says:

Shemale Mujra all dont have brain at all …:-D

zaxarias xdiver says:


Cockolicious says:

cok up her ass !

umesh goyal goyal says:

sweetest mujra with sweet milk

taj2050 says:

raj yes she is frm pakistan but her mother from india and father from///////india too but both were not married while visiting pakistan they left their shit here, now their rest kids are rapist like bus rape case , indian are shit dimb and hindu gandoo, also i found 40% muslims in india also are same shit

Joe Johns says:

abe chup karo salon. ek to acchi cheez pakistan me ban rahi hai. abhi complain kar rahe ho, dekho aur hilao.

656Musicisme says:

Bitch please! You indians have this stuff in your movies

Sami Mahmood says:

Ram singh, Mukesh singh, Vinay Sharma, Pawan Gupta, Akshay Thakur and Raju…. These people brutally raped the innocent girl in the bus and one can easily judge from these names that who the SHIT is.

Akira Iso says:

What’s her name?? Please tell me. I stayed awake and researched to know her name all the night long

Veeresh Kumar says:

these buggers shout for orthodox but enjoys mujra dirty peoples

raj saini says:

she frm pakistan

jbnsky says:

Superb!!!!!!!!! More videos of her

Vicky T says:

these indian girls really know how to shake.

ashish19 says:

If you check the surnames of those who did this, you ll come to know they are your leftover shit here in India.

Zalim HBK says:

Akkh kos di jar shom…

Zalim HBK says:

Wala Masta pataqa di

Sherry Rehman says:

talking about openly indians rape girls on buses and rip their intestines out with metal rods!! how disgusting you indians lot need nuking

Saint Lucifer says:

ماشاء اللہ

Alok Jain says:

who is she? really a super duper chik she is, please give her name and other dance tape on you tube.

khan junab says:

Nice Vid Bro …But where is this video captured???

Bones s says:

3:00 nippli slip

shafqat mehmood says:

i luv pakistan

shafqat mehmood says:

shafqat malik
hy girls

ashish19 says:

Ya.. they rape them openly, rape their sisters and mothers at homes, and the media doesnt even publish that !

Sherry Rehman says:

atleast pakis dont resort to raping women on buses like indians

ashish19 says:

Oh God ! Pakis have not left with any other entertainment ! Shame


fucking stupid whore 

Markis Willy says:

who is this!!

Faheem Malik says:

i nead girl name

Karan21sharma says:

i lust you

Suleman Khan says:

lanat aise dance payyy or krne wali pyyy

Harvinder Singh says:

good, daughter of proud parents ,


sexy mujra

mudassar khokhar says:

very niceeeeeeeeeeeeee

smith jones says:

Yea, stupid bitch shuda been wearing pantites or a thong… or beter still nothing! wanted to see her cunt too!!

matineemasala says:

watch more boobs Click on our channel

TheRoundass says:

amazing boobs

jithinlovesex says:

why did she have to wear shorts beneath?

katrina kareena says:

yeah,i think so!

fahim kashif says:


Alok Jain says:

one of the best dance seen ever.

Jagan Joseph says:


Toushif Raza Ansary says:

Kiya iska or video nahi he?

Pace Chandran says:

rly gud

hshasainiya says:

hot girl harendra

hshasainiya says:

is ladki me sex bahut he

CraigBarduk says:

i kinda think so too :/

tony yang says:

she is a shemale right ???

bari ff says:

whats her name

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