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Turkish Belly dancer Didem on IBO Show.


abcdIsBack says:

Why do you watch this since you think this is haram? Isn’t that haram from your side by doing this 😉

alexsander tesfaye says:

Do not saturate the eye of your dance

alexsander tesfaye says:

Do not saturate the eye of your dance

PurpleEyedGirll says:

orospu diyecektin kardes.. once kendi dilini ogren sonra milletin namusuna dil uzat.

PurpleEyedGirll says:

hahaha :D

deryjhon says:

haram haram and haram

Ethem Şener says:


MohawkDiezelPower says:

The origins of Belly dance can be traced back to India… Banjara Dances…Nomadic professional entertainers Gypsies (Rom)

The history of middle eastern dance is intertwined with that of Gypsies in their various guises in each country they travelled through.They came from India and spread through Persia, Turkey, Arabia, Egypt Greece and through much of Europe To this day, many nomadic women bear hand and ankle tattoos thought to be Gypsy in design often a universal symbol meaning a traveler

Nikos Kavouras says:

Love you [email protected]@

Szücs László says:

Hu bazdmeg! Nem semmi! 🙂

Elsa Chambers says:

shes good better than shakira in my opinion. and any other belly dancers ive seen.

Hanne Larsem says:


sultanis92 says:

Hahahaha! You piece of ignorant shit. Learn how to spell, dumb ass. Oh, and don’t cuss in a language that’s not yours you’re only making a fool of yourself.

Qadish Qadisha says:

my whole family came from sirnak silopi i am assyrian from turkey we where there before you mongols came so shut the hell up haywan erif

Qadish Qadisha says:

sikter orospo cocuk

sultanis92 says:

You clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.. Didem was BORN in Turkey.. She speaks Turkish as a native.. yes her roots are gypsy but there is a region in Turkey where the Gypsies live. And what the hell do you know anyway? You’re not even Turkish so shut the hell up.

shifanisa4 says:

helwa keter,ana houb ballydance laken ana ma e3dar…

abou lkassem tiba says:

الرقص التركي جميل

maryanabooable says:

So amazinggg

robin tamsang says:

from nepal .. with love .. this is awsome .. !!

jeykell says:

Bi biskrem versem ??

TheSuellen98 says:

I liked this song.
What the name of this song? Please, someone can help me? Thnaks!!

MonaTheBellydancer says:

Excuse me? What kind of bull is this. I am persian myself i have been studdying bellydance since i was 13 i am 19 today, i am a bellydancer as well and bellydance DO have roots in in Iran.

Merve Qurbanlıyeva says:

Turkish women are very good dancer but they afraid them father brother : D

aksel aalto says:


XxCherryAngel says:

does someone know the name of the song she’s dancing to?

TheSuellen98 says:

Didem is a amazing belly dancer,
and this is the best performance of her, for me (:

What’s the name of this song ?

Barbara Pavez says:

Didem is a great belly dancer…
But today she just want to know seduce, nothing more…
and her dance not like before… 🙁

tytianna lovely says:

I love belly rolling when I dance like this. She’s great

دلال الشهري says:

الافضل على الاطلاق راقصه محترفه من الدرجه الاولى

ImAGansta AndYouKnowIt says:

0:11 is har ibrahim tatlises?

CrystaltheWaterLily says:

Yeah, I second that notion. I’m hardly an expert, but from the variety of Didem videos I’ve found here on Youtube, this is one of her best. It seems like she doesn’t do as much dancing in some of the newer ones, the super boobs are a bit distracting, and she focuses more on weird floor work sometimes. When she actually dances though, she’s pretty good. In my newbie opinion, anyway.

nada ali says:

pretty belly dancer

Sahara823 says:

does anyone know which instrumental version this is of Oum Kalthoum (Elf leyla wa leyla)? As I do not see the band playing it..

zenisichtis zen says:

Guys didem is a Roma gypsy.! Were friends.!

Somaligirl1234 says:

Bellydacing has reached far. I’m from somalia and I bellydance. ^^

luvubby18 says:

shes good 🙂 dnt wanna say the greatest cus theyy all give it their touchh of originality so thats wat makes them so good.

CharlesIddesleigh says:

I’m a man and I can belly dance better than this scumbag, what is this?

Sahat1093 says:

The name of the song is Alf Leila Wa Leyla
I sopouse…

JesuCrust Axeman says:


Sahara823 says:

Oum Kalthoum – Alf leyla wa leyla. It’s a remake of the classic Egyptian song from the ’40 if I’m not mistaken.

TheJecca123 says:

what song is this?

Bladerunner55217 says:

I understand people getting excited from the music and wanting to dance, but this young lady is performing. and I just think that’s fucking rude

SuperFatma19 says:

@chrispoetic Bellydance is a Turkish culture too and has his own variants.

Qadish Qadisha says:

did you never looked at IboShow? or you are not turkish? if you ar then did you heared her talk turkish with her accent? she is ROMANI not turkish but yeah she represents turkish bellydancers at its finest, even though bellydance is not turkish but arabic

SuperFatma19 says:

She IS turkish, either she makes the real turkish bellydance.

SuperFatma19 says:

Yeah REAL Turkish Style

babyboosabz says:

she used to look so classy, regardless of whatever way she danced. now, not so much 🙁

babyboosabz says:

back when she was natural and soo much more beautiful

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