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Here’s a list of my favorite male salsa dancers when it comes to “social” dancing. There will be a thousand opinions on each dancer and a thousand other list…


Bradley Ortiz says:

Whats the name of the first song????????

alicang7 says:

social salsa=oliver!

labori18100 says:

You missed on your list: Felipe Polanco, Jason Molina, Jhesus Aponte, Tito Ortos, Miguel Matos “Papito Jala Jala” R.I.P and Osbanis Tejeda…I can agree with Eddie Torres and Juan..the rest DO NOT MAKE THIS LIST.

clublatino68 says:


Jose Carlos Tapia says:

En el primero seguro!

prp82 says:

Ey!! estos son sólo mamberos…. pfff 

ABQsalsero says:

I suspect that might be Magna .. the video quality is kinda grainy

aldebaran leon says:

vaya lista y en que puesto estara maykel fonts

Eric Diaz says:


showpower9 says:

no frankie martinez??????? obviously you know shit

StreetSalsaDancer says:

Gretel. Perez. Ramirez. 🙂 🙂 :)

jorgee57 says:

i’m not a fan of any of their styles. i like a smoooth style where the man shows of the WOMAN not him being focus like SHAKA ,NERY

StreetSalsaDancer says:

Hell no

Jaime Concha says:

No aparece Fernando Sosa?? Increíble!!

Oliver R says:

el no. 7, eric baez, no. 5 eddy torres, no. 3 adolfo, me gustan.

Fer Lira says:

Mmmmm….. solo pusiste en el ranking a tus amigos. Donde estan los salseros de west coast L A Style? Donde estan los salseros del otro lado del mundo? Yand Klaise, por nombrar alguno.

StreetSalsaDancer says:

Good point, it’s all just personal preference. Btw, like in most of his classes, Eddie will show the pattern he taught, then he will just go into freestyle social dancing

StreetSalsaDancer says:

I thought this was a serious comment until you mentioned guys like Fernando Palacios and Nery Garcia – nice guys, but no where close to the level in the above list. Plus, Oliver’s favorite dancer is Franklin Diaz (my #6 in the video). It’s a big world outside of the congress scene, take a look around once in a while. Gabriel Perez is good though, I’ll give you that

StreetSalsaDancer says:

Thanks for watching. Franklin Diaz is one of the most dynamic dancers I have ever seen in salsa, and he is one of my favorite teachers as well.

bkameka69 says:

Btw, some of my favorite male dancers are Steve Seda, Nelson Flores, Eddie Torres, Troy (don’t know his last name), Nick(of stepping out studios, don’t know his last name either), Gabriel Perez, Geo Salsa and Frankie Martinez…just to name a few! I’m from New York, so these are the dancers I know

bkameka69 says:

Hey, thanks for the video! The only person I know from the list us Eddie Torres. while my personal opinion isn’t the same as yours, I appreciate you highlighting non famous, local dancers…just goes to show there are so many amazing dancers in the world! The only one on this list I don’t care for much is nmbr 4, Juan Matos..good dancer, just not a fan of his style

drogbamido13 says:

Thanks I discovered many dancers thanks to this list and glad not to see always the same ranking…
Franklin Diaz is in my opinion on his planet above all salsa dancers but it is so special that many could dislike. I am glad also to see good video of Juan, it is not often that he shows his skills now. I didn’t know the italian guy, very good style, typically italian.
You should have a look at italian dancers and french one. You should like many of those.

DonPepitoSbazzeguti says:

If its only men, I would nominate Carlos Camacho and Fadi Hamdan. If you counted women as well, if would nominate Bersaidy Cortez:

dark1724 says:

is that on 3:43 Magna Copal?

wil nieves says:

ADOLFO ALL THE WAY ………thats it

Maikel84917 says:

Your list has not a sense! Junior is very bad,and Ernie…who is Ernie??????also the students of Eddie Aodlfo and Frankin are better, or after 2 years! I know a lot of dancers that are better than yours into the list! I think just Eddie Adolfo y Franklin can be classified into the list!

Maikel84917 says:

Actually, I think that Diaz is the best of the world

IrinaAV says:

what about Frankie Martinez

skategangster says:

The first dancer, #10 is dancing with a beutiful girl and not even making eye contact most of the time, he’s was waaay too into himself, he looks like he would rather be dancing in the mirror. And I don’t know WTF #6 was doing but I didn’t see any combos just some weird groping..

TSpoonER says:

Hey, really like your list….. Super happy to see Cesar Perez on it. Cesar actually went to a performing arts school and studied ballet, modern and jazz in New Orleans. Along with starting with dancing on1/ cuban style and amazing following skill, he might be the most talented.
I think its great you put my favorite on the first vid…. Anyhow wondering if anybody will dislike my comment…. btw my wife is Jorjet Alcocer the best all around dancer on the planet (take that ) lol

alexlanza79 says:

I agree, on the talent, but if you ask to my students, they’ll say I’m the best, but I know it’s not true.

However I’m sorry but you miss my point! I’m not trying to justify anybody, I’m just saying that if I say that my wife is the most beautiful woman in the planet, everyone can disagree with me, but I’ll never change my opinion.

On dance same thing: I like better on2 dances so I’ll never put Johnny Vasquez on top of any big on2 salsa dancer I know, even though I agree he is a great dancer!

ahmadfuaad says:

plus the list is missing many amazing social dancers like: Andres (Salsa y control), Gabi Perez, Nery Garcia, Shaka Brown, Oliver Pineda, Fernando Palacio.. except for the mambo king and Adolfo, I think these dancers are average..

StreetSalsaDancer says:

Of course he is, I was referring to his studio – “Latin Soul Dancers”, which was based in Milan at the time

Josue Cairo says:

Indacochea is from Peru not Italy. Other than that I think is a cool video.

israeldjd says:

with all due respect #6 was the most horrendous dancer I have ever seen, the way he pushes the follower just disgusted me, just horrible, all others are just average dancers, Eddie Torres should be #1 he is the one who created most of this salsa stuff anyhow 🙂
(I’m still not over #6, ha, ha!!)

ibirocay says:

I gotta say that it’s a bold statement claiming that the person who put it together knows nothing about salsa when at least 5 out of the 10 dancers in the video are considered to be among the best dancers to hit the salsa scene over the last 10 years. Clearly YOU don’t know salsa :-). Eddie, Vittico, Juan, Franklin, Delille… Talk about SABOR! Besides, as it is stated, it’s StreetSalsaDancers favourite dancers, hence a matter of opinion and his/her personal choice. Just saying…

salsalot says:

The firs three ancers o rapid syncopated steps in time to the music. That is soo cool. I thought I was the only one who did that. I felt like an artistic oddball until I saw this. Ted from Massachusets

Tom9111 says:

Thoroughly enjoyed it, thanks very much for putting this together!

Edison M.F says:

#10 should be higher on the list.

alexlanza79 says:

Why arguing with a “best of” list? We are all different, obviously all of us will change at least 3/4 of this list, but those are his choices based on HIS OWN PREFERENCES! However is very unlikely that every really great dancer in the planet is on youtube, expecially the not famous one! The only think is that Eddie’s video is a workshop, not a social!
For what it matters I like all of this dancers, maybe in my “list” they are not in the same places, but I apreciate all of this different styles!

Jo Shi says:

You are right bro. Well state!!

StreetSalsaDancer says:

You gotta do better than that, at least name some of your fav’s – that’s what this discussion is for…. And saying things like “they obviously dont know anything about salsa” is short-sighted. Perceived excellence in social dancing is very subjective, opinions are as varied as the styles of music that make up “salsa”, but you already know that…

calmingspirit1 says:

Is this ever boring…….these dancers are average.

franzoul says:

give me your e mail…

franzoul says:

hey i need other help

StreetSalsaDancer says:

Cesar Perez - I really don’t know , …..Junior Araujo – “Linda Teresa” by Bobby Valentin…. Eric Baez “Mentira” – Conjunto Borincuba y Tito Rojas

franzoul says:

no, dont understand me… i need the songs of cesar perez, junior araujo y eric baez. please…thank you so much!

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