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These are the Top 10 Harlem Shake Videos on YouTube [Sports Edition]. 10. TSN SportsCentre 9. Georgia Football htt…


seeloffdoee says:

florida gators had little to no creativity and the cheerleaders were only added cause theyre hot. dont have a problem with the cheerleaders though.

walkingfit27 says:

That cheerleader is TOOOOOOOO!! Sexy

TheMrX15 says:

if balotelli was on city still their harlem shake wouldve been ridiculous

oscar20738 says:

1:08 Omg i’m boner lol

oscar20738 says:

1:08 mother of good lol

Sandro Caparelli says:

harmen shake miami

AlTiger St.Lucia says:


777Naidgel777 says:

1:08 Sexy

kayla bentley says:

Live the gators and skydivers

Emma Martin says:

omg i luv this video

Ryan Puczkowski says:

2:34 keep calm and do the Harlem shake

bespaly2000 says:

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rasco jet says:

Juve came up with their own after compiling this list

rasco jet says:

That gator dude is 10x funny

XXbarbz says:

i dont think enough people understand this trck is amazing BTW you can use this to listen in mp3 ==>

milother says:

5:37 super mario brotha

elpasamano says:

Crystal palace, Crystal palace, Crystal palace…que ricooo!!

westin witt says:

the crystal palace cheerleaders were the best in the whole video

Draco K says:

4:22 stormtrooper

JDiasMusic says:

crystal palace!

Mario Martino says:

where is juventus

TheAwesomeness Man says:

every single person in the heat one is black

Kikaida gamertag says:

That gator doe

econ Edid says:


inacmaster says:

vean mi version animada de harlem shake espero y les agrade y pongan like ówo
saludos ^^)/

legoaero777 says:

number 8 should be number 1

Mekai Townsend says:

Come look at my Harlem shake video bet you like it

zack frazier says:

lol clone trooper underwater look out lol

jacob Jackson says:

The underwater one was best

cesar carreon says:

thats cool

VortexFalcon50 says:

lol the guy in the sleeping bag!

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