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I don’t really understand this new trend, but I find it kind of funny. So I watched a lot of “Harlem Shakes” and I made a “Top” with the best 10 shakes I saw…


Sundiata Muhammad says:

The firefighter version kills me! Looks like the chicken from family guy…lol

Morgan Goulet says:

were do people come up with these???????????????



Alane Rodrigues says:

O carinha passando de velotrol no 2:29 é demais.

BroSkrillexhawk says:


CrazyIcehockeyFan says:

sorry but, is harlem shake just shaking own hands and legs?

kozanliibo66 says:

Press F13 To Uncensore !!! 😀

stzanis says:

One of the biggest harlem shakes!
Heraklion,Crete harlem shake
Estimated people: 10.000

Alex Anthony says:

the kid needs braces

Federico Siviero says:


LoopBeast says:

If u want to watch a porn go here /watch?v=AWTXqdb-XuY stop to fap with harlem shake 😀

MusikGames undCo says:

Stop the download^^

galo doido says:

Esse e o melhor harlem shake do brasil kkkkkkkkkkkkkk

sandra mosalamy says:

hahahahahahah nice one.

Estefania Rodriguez De La Torre says:

two words:


Chandler Daquil says:

number 2 has call of duty 🙂

trinitylewis2003 says:

This is madd funny!

tylershemwell01 says:

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collenemsimpson says:

Why is everybody humping the air

tylershemwell01 says:

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Saif Uddin says:

Seen em all

aj johnson says:

why is everybody horny?



LonExNeWb says:

I agree

bnreed167 says:

Did not smile

TwinMysters says:

gotta see mine on my channel

Iyke Mexx says:

Not bad

carmen staiano says:

Nice ! Watch my harlem shake too on my channel :)

Jeanien Maese says:

funniest harlem shakes ever

Joey Van Den Broek says:

I have seen better !

Max Stukatz says:

Watch also
Harlem Shake Sexy Luxembourg
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Crissy Cri says:


Mikster7500 says:

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Jack Mcrae says:

5:00 look at the girls top right hand corner DAM!!

Max Stukatz says:

Watch also
Harlem Shake Sexy Luxembourg

Cristina Maria says:

4:36 e cel mai tare :))

Mark Warke says:

Last ones the best

adfghbiknvbmlpuhbnml says:


Emily Dennison says:

My class room did this at a assembly

rober silva says:

jajajajajajajajajajajajajaajajajajaaj que bueno very good

TheDudeCafi says:

to save ur time ill tell u, dont press in that pink window in the video its not what ur looking for and u wont find it in this video neither so…

Johnny Hush says:

Real Porn Version Of Harlem Shake UNCENSORED at  RoundAss.TK

thumbs up pls to view this all 😉 thanks 🙂

neishacg428 says:


Nyree love says:

the last one was to funny lml

spiralman998 says:

Honestly now, who came to this video because of the nude thumbnail? I did. xD

hadokenx20 says:

damn you, youtube and your attractive randomness! XD

veronicaxoxo11 says:

Lol the guy in the liddo bike! 😀

marcus mecale says:

people do some crazy stuff

PeteyChops says:

Watch my Harlem Shake video. WHITE EDITION!! I have a surprise for you.

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