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Salsa dancing lesson video. This move is called the DPS lock combo because you place the follow’s arms in a similar fashion to the way the ‘Department of Pub…


mathijs says:

0:00 consult your doctor and the Pope. O noo!! we don’ t have a Pope at the moment, now what am I gonna do? I still want to dance salsa though.

sekikese says:

Silly question. One the second cross body lead (where the follower’s hand is locked at the back) How can I lead the follower to do a full turn on the cross body lead?

savagecat77 says:

u are right.on the othe hand,he made this video lesson long time ago.nowadays, he improved and changed the partner.

doowopshopgal says:

Great videos, and I have a question, when the girl dances she takes a couple of extra steps on the counts, it looks awesome, is that a shine and will she show us her foot steps please!!!!

antonio villatoro says:

Thony, I see you are a great salsa teacher, I got an issue and you might recomend me something, I have been practising salsa for lets say two years, It is just very hard for me to remember combinations, if I write them down i do not think it will help… What is best?


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eramosramirez90 says:

whats the name of the song

left2odds says:

Do you have any other combinations using the DPS lock? I’ve been trying this lock for some time now prior to this video, but I don’t have the imagination to invent an alternate combination. Greetings from Curacao.

violinplayer101 says:

wow, they are really good at dancing! My dance instructor was teaching us this in class, and it’s definitely a lot harder than it already looks!!

DerHerrSal says:

if it is DPS thems to be low^^

RomanLowry says:

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helikanimukty says:

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kayla26762 says:

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jagermeisterNY says:

so bored… feel the salsa tonto

espin2006 says:

u need to feel da music… dis is just a bunch of turns… u look bored and like u cant be botherd to dance… RUBBBIIIISH

kensheebattousai says:

1-2-3… 5-6-7!! LOL

torchandregdoc says:

I’m a north american but lived in Lima for a few years in the late eighties. I really enjoyed salsa music but have one track in mind that I have been unable to find. I believe it was Oscar DeLeon, but not sure. Does anyone know who did the track used in this video series? Sounds much the same as the track I’m looking for.

Deivicho says:

since when you can do a Combo in salsa ?

Gooshnads says:

So uh dude.. what pet do you summon while you’re doing the dance?
I personally like having my fel hunter out.

Guido A says:

The Damage Per Second Warlock Salsa Dance Combo?

tullkass14 . says:

DPS= Damage Per Second.
Lock= Warlock
DoT= Damage Over Time

Dps Lock Combo = Curse of Agony, Immolate, Corruption.

No Warcraft stuff here T-T

XenophobicAirport says:

So this ISN’T World of Warcraft related?

ExclusiveGslick says:

That camel toe is awesome.

jensbaggesensvej says:

this is great I got to learn this!!!!

bebetigre12 says:

She drops her form many times, she should work on her hands.

grecci says:

Great move. Gotta love it!! Thanks guys.

mrcav says:

Good lesson, should show feet from last angles.

2hot2gether says:

nada de ritmo en los pies eson son ;la piga

mnateras5 says:

Anthony, I prefer this older version of your videos they have more detailed explanation than the new ones, why is that? Overrall Great Work it really does deserve a donation

evytulip28 says:

teach me 2

MrUrielsoto18 says:

my gf thinks that you guys should come to louisville tonight to see how it is done.
270763797885478574 thats our number please call her soon so that you guys know what yall are up against

shinemen says:

this move is sooooo hard

Nitra813 says:

i love your instructional videos, they are so helpful to me. i pick up really fast as well, keep the moves coming

marcnaj says:

Melanie eres bellisima,, sexy ,, besosss,, Melanie, you are soo beaty, sexy ,, kisses my loveee

artsanch2002 says:

I like the way the moves are shown and the beats are counted. These videos are good and it saving you from having to pay for lessons. I like it.

Goldelbe says:

@diakosss its not the first video, you have to see the other videos first of course lol

moneymail002 says:

Yeah it always takes a while, especially if you wanna be able to pull off a new move at a club and not just with a training partner. It takes me maybe 15 min. or so to learn something like this with a training partner, but I’d probably need hours before I had the confidence to try and pull it off while dancing socially and not just for practice.

moneymail002 says:

This is also the way instructors teach in dance classes. When you’re just beginning to learn, they teach you the basics one small piece at a time. Then you’re expected to know how to combine these basic elements so they teach you more advanced ones by telling you which basic elements to combine and demonstrating the intended result. If they explained everything bit by bit it would take forever to learn anything worthwhile.

So if this is hard to you, go over the basics first and master them.

edjrarre says:

man i try to get the moves down but i always mess up.

27dalin says:

The artist is Ismael Rivera and the title is “El Negro Bembon”.

cevansPhotographer says:

Excellent Video tutorials.
Does any one know the title of the track and artist at the beginning of this clip??

lllllangejan says:

gaat te snel XD

tictac3007 says:

she is so beautiful

robkojak says:

please keep posting new material. I/we as a dance couple have learnt so much from u. Thank u 4 teaching us how to dance.

robkojak says:

please keep posting new material. I/we as a dance couple have learnt so much from u. Thank u 4 teaching us how to dance.

moonnable says:

eight is also a pause 🙂

marius4iasi says:

you stay in four. it’s a pause.

sandros1987 says:

wher is the four?

Marcos Olivero says:

siento que les falta como… sabor xD

animalboy099 says:


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