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Это видео взято для частного просмотра и профессионального обучения с чемпионата мира по belly dance. Не для рекламы. This video it is taken for private view…


Mansi Gaikwad says:

wow… fantastic!! real magic starts after 1:50.

mallesham burma says:

very nice

Geraldyn Lopez Castillo says:

What’s the name of the song?

Frankie Valuluchie says:

There Great ! They just are so lovely .

Max X says:

My God! That was fantastic!!!

StolichnayaCzara says:

hypnotizing….. One of the most creative routines I’ve ever seen, all the while, sticking to traditional belly dancing. LOVE IT GIRLS!!!!!! BRAVO!

audil bhat says:


sabina aqayeva says:


Aleesha Wideman says:

I feel like sadie has more control over her body and her movements, and she also doesnt seem to care about the way her hair looks..
in my eyes, adjusting your hair takes away from the natural beauty in the movements

Aminath Jabir says:


mandeep kumar says:

love it

Kyle marie frances Montes says:

wow i love ittt,,

kumarnatasha30 says:

who were the f*****d guys laughing

immieii says:

What ever happened to them after AGT?

shabihakhanpriya says:


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