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At our Tantra Fitness party, called T.G.I.F.F. (thank goodness it’s flirty Friday), Tammy fulfill’s her students birthday wish…a special lap dance from her…


butterman3100 says:


cinderella101708 says:

Its freaky

Flakitahh Hernandez says:

Sexy lap dance

051184 says:

Your generation is doomed.

yoneda123 says:

I wish my teacher would do a lapdance form me for my birthday 😀

spanker30 says:

I know – it made my dick hard !

darkchronoss says:

My birthday has just beed advanced 6 months earlier XD

jack walldenheid says:


ardenreece89 says:

Was that her teacher?

gracefulclumsinesss says:

lol, you guys are awesome! xoxoxo <3

shianekrystene says:

The stripper was sexy and I like them apple’s;

PoleHunni says:

Brilliant! Seemed like so much fun!

Maya Howell says:

I loved it Thank you! Im 21 I love pole dancing I would love to try it as fitness fun and feeling sexy.
Im going to start my beginners class soon :)) xx your an amazing teacher

Tantrafitness1 says:

Please tell me the jk, jk is about the fact that you are 14. That is too young to be giving Lap Dances!

Brunetta Jones says:

i’m 14 and my boyfriend just turned 16 in january 25 & imma give him a special lap dance (; ya heard that ?! lmfaaao . jk , jk . but im serious about that lap dance ! hey hey ! i love you baby ♥ 1.25.13 o.e ♥.♥

MistaSwagg1 says:

dumb ass she’s a dance instructer not an actual teacher..

Caitlin Ferrucci says:


iiluvmusic98 says:

Ill have what shes havin 😉 jk but it was the perfect opertunity

Janae Wallace says:

So degusting that’s messed up and she a teack she can lose har job going that dome ass teacher and the girl just sat there she reaterted to dome asss

Caseil Wooz says:

:O lol !! I enjoyed the part with d towel

michellewilbr says:

She stripped naked under da towel

VetteZrWON says:

Hands down the BEST video on youtube! I am truly jealous of the birthday girl… ga DAMN!! haha

Lem0ninX says:

I dont hink she is a techer

Chel Angiel X says:

wow gotta learn how to do that

kwatogsatx says:


micmic1nimnim says:

so she’s a teacher

Jocie0722 says:

I like that video show me your boobs that’s a good teacher. Is the girl in the chair a lesbian

somali369 says:

I would get top grades just for that 🙂 (this is a boy)

Mr14striker says:

Wait ..the student is a giiirrl ?! Wtf??

mp400pth says:

Closer – NIN

taymonster0407 says:


taymonster0407 says:

I..I..I..I love it.I got so honey

philipfox99 says:


Nilo Alfons says:


Jofenzah IsARed says:

OMG WOW, best lapdance ever.

manuellopez56288 says:

A teacher can I have that to that was fucken sexy

Zach Huver says:

I wanna work there 

van dobre says:

i also waant a teacher lyk tat

ashleypaige02ah says:

Under the blanket she showing her her boobs

ashleypaige02ah says:

No its not

popkornshadai says:

Go ahead teacher

Dana Gorman says:

This is better then porn ! :D

nickkk680 says:


Chabelita Claros says:

bro wat are they doing under the towel

nalhadad2 says:

I won’t to Lern this dense

Niccole McBeast says:

so the teacher gives her student a lap dance? i want a teacher like that!

Chabelita Claros says:

where is she at

yusef al skran says:

Damn I want That

trenton williams says:

you are so hot i just want to have sex with you ladies

AwesomnessLB says:

It was pretty awkward having your instructor give you lap dance

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