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OK….last time we posted lap videos JUST LIKE THIS ONE, they were removed for being pornographic. Even though there are HUNDREDS of vids on here with asses …


StripXpertease Dance says:

wear what make YOU feel sexy!

IPunchUnicorns says:

What should I wear? I do not own sexy lingerie.

Greta Navarro says:


Gabriella Maurel says:

That was awesome! n ur Co-worker seems to have been OK with being the male lol good for her she smiled and laugh a bit 🙂

Jbong Cruz says:

wag ka ng sumayaw…kng anu anu pang ginagawa mu tra na!

Lowell Waddy says:

i would fuck both of them

TexasboyfrmPaso says:

My gf did this for me last night =}

Bio8thief says:

lol…that’s such a great answer

StripXpertease Dance says:

You will be nervous no matter what. Just try to breathe and go slow and make eye contact. He loves you regardless, just keep that in mind. 🙂

MegaMrsRedneck says:

I am trying to get the nerve up to do this for my husband but i am so nervous. Any tips for getting over these nerves to do a good job? I don’t want to disappoint him.

Kev Ual says:

the girl on the chair is hot

StripXpertease Dance says:

good luck!!!

Rhodalyn Capalad says:

My bf is american and he loves lap dance now i need to prctice lol this really awesome it helps me ^^

StripXpertease Dance says:

They are co-instructors, not lovers. 

oliverrocks158 says:

that girl looks unamused XD

StripXpertease Dance says:

Awwww! thanks so much!

Msdianita9 says:

I love it!!! You are amazing!! It is so sexy!!! I have watched the video more than 20 times..I hope one day I can be able to do it 🙂

mow4cash says:

I call next

StripXpertease Dance says:

So first you watch the video at 2 am and say, “Getting horingy there.” Nooot sure what horingy means. But, OK. Then you come back at 4 pm the next day and write lesbian. Is that meant to be an adjective, a noun or self observation… since your feed reveals that you have watched MANY girl on girl lap dances?

Glenda Alcuran says:


chinky1487 says:


Glenda Alcuran says:

Getting horingy there

Leilani Olkeriil says:

“now peace out” lolllll

StripXpertease Dance says:

yeah, it sucked for us to , but you can checkout our vimeo channel for more lap videos. it was to purple rain by prince but you tube removed it so we used there lists of songs to replace it. i had never ever heard the song before.. sorry . 🙁

bonnie0771 says:

i learned to dance from your videos my partner was well impressed am devastated they took them off
i cant seem to get the song playgirl by ragsy in uk though?

StripXpertease Dance says:

untitled by interpol

ndatta2 says:

what song is playing in the background?

StripXpertease Dance says:


StripXpertease Dance says:

we don’t get it either. 🙁

Brittany Barnett says:

I don’t understand You Tube ; They can remove your videos but I have seen more graphic stuff on You Tube.

JanitorIsBack says:

ok that made me masterbate again

StripXpertease Dance says:

We don’t..but we have a training program here in NYC. Go tour website stripxpertease d o t com for more info. 🙂

ucanseemetwice says:

do you sell dvds with content similar to this? these lap dancing vids are kinda hot

StripXpertease Dance says:

thanks for making me throw up a little in my mouth

StripXpertease Dance says:

thanks. 🙂

StripXpertease Dance says:

thanks hon! xoxo..when y’all coming back to NYC?

JanitorIsBack says:

thanks for making me masterbate

Sky Pollerific says:


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