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Maddie and Shimmy performing the routine from the Acro Lap workshop at the Pole Dance Academy Redfern studio. The workshop combined some basic acro skills wi…


liam fowler says:

LOL when the men do it

BlueDrakilicious says:

*claps* stripper are athletic and strong. It looks sexy and natural but believe it or not that stuff isn’t easy. I’m impressed and have a lot of respect for these dancers.

filitsa1984 says:

Love love love it!! Nice… 😉 hahahaha!!

BrainsBeautyInk says:


Michelle Cummings says:

This is my favorite video on the internet!!

nocensorship69 . says:

I am offended! Why am I not sitting in one of those chairs!

Ira Rasca says:

This is amazing! 🙂 Sexy! <3

xBrownGirLinTheRingx says:

Love the reverse lapdance surprise!

1erasesino says:

yeaaaaaaaaaahhh ..!!!! 😛

Trena543 says:

Hahaha I love this!!

Jamie Taylor says:

Too many cool things about this video!!! Especially Shimmy pulling his shorts UP! 🙂

Poledanceacademy Sydney says:

Thanks! It’s Bands A Make Her Dance

Poledanceacademy Sydney says:

They’re from Pleaser USA 🙂

LinzieNeon says:

Hi, I just wanted to say that this i really really amazing. Love it!

And btw? What shoes are the girl to the right wearing? Where can I buy them? Think they look lovely. ^^<3

Brody5252 says:

OMG I love!!! 😀 I’ll try that 😀 

HoneyBee262 says:

great combo, wow!
what is the name of this song? <3

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