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harlem shake.


matthew8414 says:

We all know why we came here….

matt2743 says:

The chick on the right at 4:18 look likes she’s taking a D. 0_o

NOPE5390 says:

Right click. Stop download. You’re welcome.

Ivan Vizcarra says:

it ok

Yep yougotit says:

its alarise

Yep yougotit says:

so so funny my mom is laghing hard its super funny and pole will smile

Laurence Dade says:

ppl in america r weird. i liked the bear 1 lol

Laurence Dade says:

This is so dumb its funny

tylershemwell01 says:

Somebody Tweeted “Republican Mitt Romney Your Hair Smell Like Feet” & “Big Thick Midget Butt.” I said “Hell Naw.” Then Somebody Said…

(Article on Blogger)

BaddestDares says:

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