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barkersteve says:

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Kubang Telaga says:

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Just1MorePerson1 says:

i wanna lick their asses to death

donaciano303 says:

Got here from ifunny

Adam Simon says:

No one has a concrete answer to that question. Everyone sees the world through his/her own eyes and what you are asking is a matter of personal preference. This would be a better poll question, and to that my answer would be “Brazilian”.

MrLolxDman says:

first song? 🙁 …

Taha Mhajna says:

yes i mean it. i know the bad fat is the reason that stopping 6 pack coming outside even we work out well. Listen My international body building trainer also recommended this 7 food elements to kill your fat belly. worth watch here now >>

CognitiveNetwork says:

The Ask dot cum forum keeps deleting my questions so I’ll ask here, where there is no fucking moderator. Are Brazilian or Chile girls more attractive?

akendall97 says:

What is with Brazilian women having amazing asses?!?!

f23r23 says:

I give you a like for supporting Steaua.

Moses Bullrush says:

Her ass smells like shit.

GMusliaj says:

Shqiptart e bojn mas miri!

Nanu Claudiu says:

Does anyone know the first song ?

Gagan Preet says:

omg super sexy

Augusto Yamamoto says:

its all we got, really ¬¬

toutagamon says:

Χόρεψε και ο πούτσος μου μαζί με τα μουνάκια!

hotzeaCT says:

thank god i am a seaman:) can’t wait to arrive in brasil!! :X

jwash87 says:

I need to visit Brazil once before I die. 

AndrewsOpinion15 says:

DAMN !!!!!

Илья Дег says:


leonardo lozano says:

pinche tum tum jajajaj

steve stifler says:

con un senton me mata , ay seu te pego !!!

steve stifler says:

lo que veremos eso y mas en el mundial :O

starcobix says:

como se llama la tercera que baila ?

Moises S.C says:

tum tum me mando


assim voce me mata

Fernandohallen enriquez says:

vengo de parte del TUMTUM

alan flores says:

tipico tum tum pajero

NEMESIS staars says:

tumtum brought me here ! xD

520jhon1 says:


punkrik00180 says:


Fenix Gold says:

like si vienes por el pajero de tum tum

Abzolute Jumper says:


DhanoO PB says:

Estoy aqui por TumTum xD



jos6777 says:

Like if you got here for the call of mr. penis!!

jos6777 says:

and the question is… Why the fuck am I always in the wrong country??!!

akendall97 says:

TIME Magazine Man of the Year goes to the Cameraman

Memento Mori says:

Left for porn.

Pietrosanu Radu says:

mama miaaaa!!!!!

Saladimov Saladimov says:

ah ces brésiliennes
elles m’enflamment
j’ai le vague à l’âme
ah comme je les aime

eisa osman says:


Jeison Triana says:

Brazil Brazil!!!!!! ra ra ra XD

LittleMiss Sher says:

damn you never get any really good videos on here. found a site the other day which is out of control just real horny girls who want to skype and get naughty get a load of this:

Dima Balodis says:

2^53 TASHIT!!!!!!!

junior13252able says:

need to go to brazil!!!!!

Kakalaka000 says:

what’s that first song??

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