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colddose1 says:

You’re the God of dance…. wooow

Virginia Stefani says:

i lake dance arab

Jose Diaz de la Vega says:

Muy buen baile excelente y sexy

willow mel says:

well that surprised me too! Sexy….yes….Arab girl…oh dear…wrong on at least two levels there.

JC4crs says:

This is NOT an ARAB GIRL . Sadie is an American woman from Wisconsin USA
She even explains it Right in this video. She did not even know what belly dancing was.

Prince Shamim says:

bravo… luv it…

Raseel Fahad says:

This Arabic dance, but not an Arab girl ~

Bikerwitch14 says:


Guadalupe TM says:

arab or not, is amazing !

Youness chamia says:

you can look but you can’t tatsh ….

MutantEnemySwag says:

@Aweeeessoome it was copied

MutantEnemySwag says:

sadie is american. not arabian

Uchiha Madara says:

fap fap fap fap fap fap fap

Sabahattin Vergili says:


giantfoottruck says:


princesspixiechloe says:

Woah, it’s like the music is following her, not the other way around X3

Sarla Rox says:

superb….. <3

MEMO M says:

“yeah? you cant be arab and american? arab race cant be an american?!
american today are a race?!
yeah she doesnt have arab nationality ? but maybe! maaybe she has some arabic origins since her features look quite arabic( arab race has mixed with white race in lots of places in past in Europe(and that doesnt mean she is good because she has arabic origins , she is goood because of her self)”
btw yeah as you said she is from wisconsin and not from arabic countries
“just clarifying for some ppl”

Dominicangirlp says:

She is the BEST!!!!!

luli al says:

she not a arab

Anil Kumar says:

superb, top movements

TheMamichula05 says:

May i know the name of the song. Txs, btw very nice.

TheWildScarletRose says:

Arab?Wtf?Isn’t she American?…

BERGEN464 says:

أنا أحب هذا فإننا لا نهاية لدينا؟

Tutune Pan says:

HA …i so wish i could do that

xamdixoxoxo says:

i tried but it z so hard

Sri.Prakash.Babanrao. Ambekar says:

Very nice! Amazing ! I want to give gift to this dancer & i want to see this belly dance of *SHAKIRA* practically on stage! fierst time i saw this belly dance! Very! Very! Very nice!
Every body will like this dance! 10 out of 10 marks from me! :-))

elanko r says:

wow super…………..

Lexie Grey says:

arabic dance is the best in the world!!!!!

Soso21259 says:

this is not arabic dancing she is actually dancing what we call dead dancing. She is doing a movies that she learned no soul in there no passion no love like a robot

Saidi Said says:

She is an American Girl without any Arab heritage.

shahmar agasiyev says:


krishna karthik says:

wow mind belying

Haji Muhammad Umar Ali Bhatti says:

its very beauty full

Tat evone says:

Absolutely graceful movement!!!!

Suresh Kumar says:

amzing and so sexy.

Hemanth Kumar says:

she danced like an angel she look’s sexy too……

gazza2250 says:

Gosh…she must be terrible in bed

Moonwalkergirl14 says:

Yeah Belly Dance is Egyptian but they past it on! 🙂

Moonwalkergirl14 says:

Doesn’t Belly Dance originate from Egypt?

Ouma Ima says:

belly dancing is an arab culture dude

Ouma Ima says:

you think all arabs are muslims?

Ouma Ima says:

belly dancing was ivented by arabs, in the middle east

Bital Ayub says:

i believe its egyptian which is perhaps north africa

Miica Lopez says:

Let Me See If You Can Do It Better Then ………

politicalmessage says:

I thought Muslims weren’t supposed to show so much skin?

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