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chakraborty001 says:

Real Islamic Culture

fahad al-harbi says:

Your words mean bad parenting that I grew up كلامك يعكس سوء التربية التي تلقيتها

drhamza2039 says:

هههههه مصخرة العرب اللهم هدينا

Faisal Tanoli says:

This is the most ridiculous dance i have ever seen.As far as i know Arabs are the most hypocrite people on earth.You put BURQAS on them first so you could fufill islmic values and than you make them dance like this. LAANATULLA



nomangodoytokay says:

Are they dancing or praying?

Bela James Goedert says:

funny 😀 gue ngakak gila liat video ini. kocak coy 😀

11chorizo says:

this is totally legit, quit kidding yourselves.

anita000000ful says:

fake video , there are some who gaining something out of this . saudian men dont dress like this . plus men women never stay in one pla

jaouad barca says:

real muslim which religions those people

thehinduzionist2611 says:

who are you muslim bastards to judge other religion.

faisal Ali says:

if not arab … so who r they

fuck you mother fucker

Josh Marxen says:

yeah right you never get any really good videos on here. you only really need one site its where real girls go to get naughty have a look at this:

mrbest4eva says:

how much for a good head and nice anal sex??

joehunter78 says:

you can find perverts,prostitution, dirty ,everywhere !! and these things never was the real picture of any sociaty! so we should never judge people by wrong actings of some of them! arabs was never Angels! they are humains like any other races! asian or african or cocasian.but if u can find like those girls sexy dancing as you see in this kind of folks!!you can also find stripters NACKED! or MassagePARLOR or kids prostitution full in asia!! or somewhere else!!! learn that pervertion is humain!!

Imad Chaouk says:


tupac41584 says:

who are you to judge muslims or any other religion ? you can’t even write correctly without insults , you nothing else that an animal , you have nothing to do with religion .

yougonnalearnsomeday says:

feet???!!! All I see is ass shaking!!!

HorsePower6969 says:

i need to switch over if its like that

Kamran Bangash says:

what the fuck

m att says:

I’m arabian and muslim and I must say that gcc countries most of them are gays and lesbians, this is the truth that all must knw. not all arabs

ktkat221 says:

This girls in not maslim

keivan arier says:

masha allah islam is very good

tammooney1 says:

what the f… is that ? sorry that’s not arab dance …

TribalGuy007 says:

they r not arabs rather they r irani

ade Wedisheqa says:


batmanrebuilt says:

motherfuker arabs think of sex 24/7….

batmanrebuilt says:

these fuking hypocrite arabian muslims..asian muslims way better thn arabian muslims… why the fuking mecca is the kibla.. kibla should be in asia ..motherfuker arabs..they want islamic ummah.. to do these fuking shits..

selespeed1000 says:

Randy arab men getting it on with trannys wtf!!!

ammarviva says:

Hhh no arab from UAE i this

faisalalanze95 says:

Not arabs ‘ indians

S1NN0MBRE00 says:

maybe chinese? 😉

fahad al-harbi says:

Not arab !!

JBGMS says:

BaCkFoRBlooD666 BiTcHeS! HeLLo!

aleem khan says:

why is like this shaking? gold coins falling

muhammad kijera says:

if anybody think that this people are Muslims or even you think they are true Christians then you are the most stupid person in the world, am a muslims i know what the true Bible says and what the Quaran says.

tuckey100 says:

go fuck your mother this is what they do in weddings you son of a bitch. Before you say something like that make sure u research.

2005wais says:

The fuck did I just watch..



armytaskforce11x says:


MsBf3player says:

is that Gadaffi on stage???  lol

substraiht says:

No complaints here.

1964mazinger says:


b con says:

inilah wajah asli arab setan yg munafik, sok suci padahal doyan memek, TKW indonesia pun selalu jadi korban peerkosaan, biadab.

bRpsd says:

Yea right , they do this as a dance, At least they don’t show there ass or tits LIKE YOU fuckers and plus they aren’t Muslims They are From your sick people AND ARABS RULE THE WORLD fucking shit kids..

maauwieprrprr says:

i had a left ear orgasme

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