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SAMBA DANCE RIO STYLE PART 3 of 3. This is a DANCE CLASS and not only a workout. PLEASE JOIN:…


potitos1000 says:

Thanks for the lessons. I have everything ready for my valentine gift to my husband….ZAMBA……:)

misstinatm says:


Lala Granch says:

do you have songs that we can download for free?

Jose Carlos Rodriguez Castañeda says:

very good

CarolinaSince96 says:

than so so so much! i can samba now!!!!!!!!!!

Iondaime Deidara says:

I want to wake up with your voice everymorning!:x

salemyo2525 says:

vanessa eu adorei vc :) um beijo pra vc

aryalcantara18 says:

very good!!! samba brazil

jennysanchez03 says:

me gustaria bailar asi…voy a intentar

chisapic says:

“It draws a man in, but at the same time, you are paying him no mind. It’s like look what I’m bringing, but you can’t have any.”

The men should also be dancing and enjoying himself THAT WAY.

ChasSpion says:

The teacher is gorgeous. But what’s with the video motion? Is slow and it’s hard to watch. But the girl is so incredible that I watch anyway 🙂

H. Wolfe says:

Do you have any videos on DVD for sale?
Duh, just read…I’ll go to the links

H. Wolfe says:

Do you have any videos on DVD for sale?

Chue Florido says:

yo rtbm me encanta su vozzz

CucNamCham says:

: Yes – I agree . I love Her Voice too .

Rahbinah says:

Love it! It draws a man in, but at the same time, you are paying him no mind. It’s like look what I’m bringing, but you can’t have any.

paschoa999 says:

Vanessa ! congratulations ! You´re a very good teacher !

Xwarrior25X says:

k linda se la ve bailando asi ^^:

David1992Ibarra says:

Im in love right now  ^^

KiIAARA says:

Wowww is very very Beautiful… muy lindo

il3irth says:

After watching the cute movie “Rio”, I needed more “Mais que Nada”  to bring back saldades do Brasil. I loved your lessons on Samba dancing. I wish Omaha had a Brazilian restaurant and dance club! Umm Baahh, Umm Baahh, Umm Baahh!

poisonivi1 says:

Hi, Vanessa:
I had try buying you DVD’s from your website, but for some reason is not working. Can you please let me know if you have another website where I can buy it from.
Thank you,

kvonschnaps says:

Muito obrigada!!
This is exactly what I was looking for!! Vanessa shows all the details that make a difference.
Maybe someday I’ll try it at Rio’s carnaval;)))

mido memo says:


Diego Pco says:

Almost a brazilian of state of Rio de Janeiro, you samba very good !!! congratulations.

amr2601 says:

you make samba look so easy! god…. nice!

vanessaisaac says:

@underdog2400 @underdog2400 the song is called samba marathon from our Hip Brazil CD available at cd baby

underdog2400 says:

Do you or anyone else mind telling me the name of this song? Give thanks in advance

redcoldvengeance says:

I know how to dance samba and she is showing the basic if you go with those moves you got it , I´m a dude xD and I learned when I was 19 xD

Raissa908 says:

Samba muito bem como uma brasileira, congratulations xD

hebaeg1612 says:

waw you are so good.. you make samba so easy .. thanks

McOndiana says:

awesome!!! what’s the name of the song?

justmean8 says:

Finally, I found a good samba teacher. I know how to dance, I have been dancing for 4 years and I am from Colombia but I have never got to learn how to dance samba with a partner, is this something that you do in samba?… would make a video to dance samba with a partner?…. You are really good, thank you

u2bMODERATOR says:

Everybody who lives in Brazil and respect this country is a Brazilian for us. There is no need to born here. If you learn to Speak Portuguese even with accent and respect peoples here and work to build this country , you can call your self a Brazilian . Welcome!

vero19nik says:

Thank u very much!!!! I’m from Mexico and I’m traveling to the Rio’s Carnival next year, this will be very usfull!!!
I have been practicing with u…

hartsview says:

Very cool indeed and a national treasure…the history lesson and credit to Africa..was really amazing….and too your area a smart and respectful lady!

LatinaLady4 says:

ow my good i love this
i can do it a little bit
but this is so much better 😀

dncngbb says:

very nice it was a thumb up for me really like it =)

lisaraye2007 says:

i love this! i wish you were my teacher in real life, you make it look easy i cant wait to learn!

mourarth says:

no it’s not the same for boys! steps are the same but boys don’t have to move the hips and arms like that

9batigoal9 says:

it’s so easy i like it .. thx

TheScorpio760 says:

I like Brazilian girls…they 

deirochimaru25 says:

Brazilians are good looking Latinos

ccape8 says:

Beautiful!!! Thank you, Vanessa, for posting these videos! I’m visiting my boyfriend’s family in Brazil next month, and I’m happy to know how to Samba! 🙂 Obrigada! 🙂

Jachella says:

Very nice!!

r5j70 says:

buena  rutina ……=)

erumtebay says:

I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
But is it the same for BOYS as well?
I need to do it!

jacobes100 says:

I really loved it. I am from Holland. And I am going this wednesday to sumba lesson because of this. Thank you

davi425 says:

Gosh i LOVE this video and GOSH i wish i was a brazilian becuase THIS IS AWESOME FUN.I love dancing like a brazilian i wish i was one 🙁

bat man says:


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