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Learn to dance Salsa online. for access to online dance lessons which you control 100% We will gu…


Henry EvilChickenNugget says:

My dad is dancing

illmatic1ish says:

since nobody has said it already i jst wanted to add that that girl is amazingly hot

XXX954XXX says:


gypsynitro says:

Didn’t even know how to do the basic and with this video wow I learn a lot thanks alot

Ana María Tapia Duque says:

Great Class!!!Many Thanks

achoda khan says:

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B Joseph says:

Great loved it I am sure I will learn to Salsa with this wonderful tutor.

Dj21Blackjack says:


José Ortiz Narváez says:

muy lindo baila la chica. me gustaría conocerla:) besos para ella

Robert Ideasonik says:

Excellent teaching video. You can’t get much clearer than this. Thanks!

salsero8199 says:

I don’t like the technique. It’s not perfect but it’s okay.

Alvaro Alvarado says:

la mujer esta buenisima mennn como me encantaria poder agarrarla en un baile de salsa y que me muestre todo lo que sabe… gracias por el video .. la verdad que es de mucha ayuda.. y muy basico eso es lo importante..!!!

zoeabellaxoxo says:

Thanks so much this really helped me with my health project

Ujjawala Agarwal says:

Great work guys !!!! 🙂

Francisco Gomez says:

Thanks men. I was taking salsa classes in school but didn’t learn quick cuz it was every Saturday once a week. Now watching your videos, my girl and I can learn from this. Twice everyday. XoxOxxOOXXoo

Miguel Gomez says:

very nice wauw

saturn081 says:

Very Nice ! Mucho Calliante ?????

SalsaCasinoMC says:

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2crazemonkeys says:

Oh by the way I really love the lesson. Clear and simple way to learn. Thank you!

2crazemonkeys says:

What song is that playing?

Miguel Gomez says:

good teacher,well done god blees you all the best…..miguel aruba

Martina Justice says:

Great video! My husband and I are going to practice to it. 🙂

stephenbyce says:

I’m a fat man with no rhythm. My problem is that most videos start slow and then go way to fast that I get lost watching after some time.
Thank you for taking your time as it’s helped immensely that I am now feeling more confident.
One thing I ask is once we get comfortable with the feet movement, what should we be doing with our hands and our shoulders.

Thanks for the video, I was impressed.

salsaclasseslondon says:

Great Salsa video lesson guys – Well done!

MaddestKunt says:

good teacher

MaddestKunt says:


MaddestKunt says:

man i love watching her turn the music on and off man…….

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