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Taran S says:

bueno música, tengo que aprender a bailar

Yasin Ali Marouga says:


Diavian Jiles says:


Dita Kurti says:

Very good music… Salsa ….. xD

Fashionlicous2020 says:

Cool do you know a salsa teacher named Marcos

Dovid Cohen says:

Reminds me of Nando’s

fatimabones says:

All korea movie

Jake Parksepp says:

ye  get the groove

Jasmyn Bachelu says:

need this for school lol

Faye Carolan says:

Nice music

florin abrudan says:

et je t’aimme musica Salsa …. :* :X :X :X

florin abrudan says:

ola lala mia amor est’o my bueno musica

joshufc091 says:

Playing this song for my mom in the car. She’s so cute

lexiroberts1 says:

I love this!

j1j19j19 says:

i like pie

Emilia Mondra says:

love salsa

Petr Kříž says:

Good Song ever.. 😉 My sister is sexy bitch :))

Heberthdejesus martinez acevedo says:

Salsa es….donde conjuga el sabor, el olor, la mente, la danza, el rose, el calor, sentido e intensidad recíproca entre dos seres que conspiran entre Sí.

nana ahema aggrey says:

I’m want to dance but no one to dance with it been time since I have dance I’m sad

MrHthopoios says:


Direzzy Marroquin says:

me gusta….sabor salsero.

Rivera Destino says:

willie colon, ruben blades, oscar de leon, el gran combo, la sonora ponse~a, hector lavoe. good puertorican salsa.

diego velasco says:


TheXL0 says:

I aint a faggot u stupid shit. My friend wrote that shit so shut the fuck up you ignorant whore.

TheXL0 says:

I didnt type that shit, me being in mexico and beaing gay, it was my freaking friend embarrasing me.

mateussw93 says:


teisha38106 says:

I’m dancing off this song..

donpanchopacheco says:

salsagetti, salsa de italia…..

Magdalena Zagroba says:

please, take me dancing tonight…

nonotnono says:

J aime beaucoup cette pense etre le seul comment en francais :)))bonjour de salsa4u à Bruxelles

Ashley Humphrey says:

What’s the name of the song?

bourdjafarid44 says:

Sud americano negro indianos el aborigene di america viva latina et africa

bourdjafarid44 says:

Algeria el payis de revolutione seior et senioreta viva tchavez viva atnesto viva salsa

Jenny Welch says:

canning salsa while listening to salsa music 🙂



salsaclubTV says:


manjeshsavios says:

What is the name of song

Deb Brown says:

What’s the name of the song?

jay sanchez says:

Cuban style

epicwhitesauce says:

love this song

JennaMenna13 says:

OLAY. e.e

Αριστοτελης Βενιερατος says:

Salsa LA style, at last!!

SuperMrskelly says:

The best for rueda!!!

SuperMrskelly says:


nate jefferson says:

good music

nate jefferson says:

love this salsa music

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